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The use of six steps in the structural design of cushioning materials:

first, determining the cruelty of the circulation environment to the logistics environment is an important step in the cushioning design, mainly to determine what kind of transportation hazards and dangerous situations exist. It includes accidental fall during handling, vehicle vibration, impact, temperature and humidity limit and horse pressure. We mainly design shock and vibration here, but other factors are also very important in packaging design

impact impact may occur in any link of the transportation process, and the most serious impact is in the handling link. It includes the number of times a package falls during loading, unloading and transit. The most important thing is to know the height of the package that may fall

vibration it is unimaginable not to experience vibration in the process of automobile transportation. The rotation of the car engine and the rotation of the car wheels will also cause the vibration of the rigid car. Uncertain vibration will cause the reaction of the suspension system of the vehicle and the deformation of the carriage. These uncertain vibrations may be periodic, and some vibrations may be random

the vibration in the market expectation of vacuum transportation ring stability is extremely complex, and its vibration excitation is output on the frequency band mixed by various factors. This kind of vibration is usually considered as random vibration in the time domain. Because it is impossible to predict what will happen at any time, however, from the perspective of frequency domain, a vehicle is easy to show extremely high frequency (or intensity)

in the process of domestic transportation, the stable vibration usually occurs at low frequency. At low frequency, the vertical acceleration value of the most serious vibration of vehicle operation (3 ~ 5Hz) is 0.5g, which is why we choose the acceleration value of 0.5g in the vibration test

Second, impact determines the characteristics of the product

impact is the basis of design. We need to input such as: including the physical and chemical characteristics of the physical state, so as to determine which packaging method to use, and determine the structural characteristics of the product, such as size, weight, center of gravity, shape, etc., as well as the mechanical characteristics of the product, such as brittleness value, natural frequency, compressive strength, etc

vibration to find the resonance point. It is generally believed that vibration at the frequency that the product is not sensitive will not damage the product. Therefore, finding a sensitive frequency (resonance point) of the product is the key to product design. The purpose of vibration test on the product is to find the natural frequency or resonance frequency of the product

third, improve the product again

according to the brittleness value of the product we tested, sometimes it is better to increase the strength of the product itself than to wrap it in expensive packaging. We need to make a trade-off between the cost of the product, the reliability of the product and the packaging cost. Sometimes small improvements and redesign of the product can appropriately increase the brittleness value of the product; Although the cost of each product increases slightly, if this can greatly reduce the packaging cost of the product, the cost of the whole package will be reduced accordingly

according to the feedback of the manufacturer (or company) on the packaging design, there will be great changes in the feasibility of improving the product. For some companies, this feedback to packaging designers is an important step in new product design. Doing so can make their products of higher quality and lower packaging costs

fourth, if the slow loading rate is evaluated, the measured force value will be smaller than the performance of the punching material

the performance of the material should be provided by the manufacturer of the material. In special cases, these data must be measured by yourself, including the ability of the material to absorb impact and the transmission characteristics of vibration

impact we know that the cushioning material can reduce the impact force transmitted to the product when the package falls. The curve of impact cushioning describes how the impact force is transmitted through the material when goods of different weights fall onto the cushioning material. It is determined by the type, thickness and falling height of the material

vibration the vibration curve of a cushioning material describes the expansion and attenuation of vibration by the material at different frequencies, which is determined by the thickness and type of the material

under normal circumstances, the curve of buffer material decreases with the increase of static pressure load. This is determined by the characteristics of its buffer. When the static pressure continues to increase, the buffer force obtained by the mass block is also increasing. Because the buffer characteristics of the material have not changed, the natural frequency of the whole package has decreased

fifth, packaging design

which of the above is good for spring fatigue testing machine? How the fatigue test is carried out? The introducer has mastered all the data that can provide protection for the product. The first step is to determine the type of package input transportation environment. The second step is to determine the strength of the product to withstand this transportation environment. 1. The scope of application of the tensile testing machine: the tensile testing machine is also called the tensile strength and capacity. The third step is to evaluate the strength bearing capacity of the product after careful improvement. The fourth step is to determine the performance of the packaging materials. She can use the above information for packaging design

impact first, guide the impact buffer curve of the buffer material to summarize, and check that the drop height when drawing the impact buffer curve is the same as the height designed in the first step. Then, mark the limit acceleration determined in the second step, and draw a horizontal line on the figure through this point. The range of static load of the curve below this line is the function of buffer material. Given the range of static load of the product, we can get the area and thickness of buffer material that transmits acceleration lower than the limit. That is, this buffer material can protect products in this weight range

vibration for vibration, it is also necessary to summarize the vibration curve of the cushioning material, find out the lowest natural frequency of the product on the figure, and draw a horizontal line through the whole figure through this point, which provides vibration protection for the products in the shock absorption zone

when the static loads of impact and vibration are the same, the material and thickness of buffer material can be determined. The static pressure load of packaging is determined by many factors, but the design under the maximum static pressure load is to save cushioning materials. When other factors such as pressure change become very important, it should be designed under the minimum static pressure load, which will be safer

key points to note:

packaging design must meet the dual role of impact and vibration protection. But in fact, there is often a contradiction. The design that can best meet the impact protection does not necessarily meet the best design of vibration protection. At the same time, there are restrictions on materials. In this case, we should decide according to the data and technical requirements of the first and second steps

VI. package test

when the package design is completed, the package needs to be tested to check whether the expected effect is achieved

packaging design can be divided into six points, and each step helps to design an optimal packaging. Packaging design is only a small part of the whole packaging development process. We should try our best to put our work on the correct judgment of how the packaging can effectively protect the products. By clarifying this point, we can get the best results from the calculation of the hazards in the transportation environment of the products and the characteristics of the packaging materials

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