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Six strategies of enterprise network marketing (1)

the wave of information networking is sweeping the world, and the survival and competition space of enterprises is gradually shifting from the traditional market to the network space market. Internet marketing with Inter net as the core support is developing into the mainstream of modern marketing. The business of the enterprise is almost all inclusive, and the marketing method has also changed from traditional marketing to network marketing. The emergence of network marketing has brought about profound changes in the marketing environment. The traditional marketing mix has also been given new content and become a unique network marketing strategy mix

however, because many enterprises have been engaged in traditional marketing for a long time, they do not know how to carry out the emerging network marketing, and rush to launch it, and the effect is not ideal. As a new marketing method, enterprises still have a lot to do. Here are some strategies for enterprises to carry out network marketing

one page strategy

setting up stations on the Internet is the basis for enterprises to carry out network marketing. In the network market space, the enterprise stands for its own image. If enterprises want to successfully carry out network marketing, they should focus on the following points:

1. seize good sites and strengthen site publicity. In network space, address is the most important symbol of enterprises and has become an enterprise resource. The name of the address should be simple, distinct and easy to remember, usually the brand or name of the enterprise. As the current regulations on address registration are not perfect, the registration time is the main standard. Once the domain name that should belong to itself is registered by others, it will bring unnecessary losses to the enterprise. McDonald's, for example, had to buy back its address at a cost of $8million

2. Carefully plan the station structure. The station structure design should be simple in structure. By establishing a more convenient path index, it is convenient to access this. The structure mode should be comprehensive in content and try to cover the amount of information that users generally need

3. Station maintenance

it is a long-term work for enterprises to establish stations. It not only includes the creativity and opening of the station, but also includes the maintenance of the station. For example, it updates the product catalogue, price and other information with strong trial marketing in time, so as to better grasp the market situation. Moreover, compared with traditional printing materials, it is more convenient, faster and cheaper. The maintenance of the station can also reflect the marketing personality and strategy of the enterprise, and ultimately provide more satisfactory services to customers

II. Product strategy

the gradual development of the network makes it possible for consumers and manufacturers to adopt the imported full digital servo speed regulation system with high speed regulation accuracy and stable performance as the driving system for direct dialogue. Consumer personalization is valued by manufacturers, which makes products in network marketing show many new features. When formulating product strategies, enterprises should start from the network marketing environment to meet customer needs

1. Enterprises can determine the most suitable products for sale on the Internet by analyzing the overall characteristics of consumers. According to the statistics and analysis of relevant parties, at present, books, computer software and spare parts, CD, VCD, DVD and other audio-visual products are sold more on the Internet; Air ticket reservation and other services

2. It should be made clear that the sales cost of enterprise products on the Internet is far lower than that of other channels, such as computer software and other products. It is more convenient to sell in the market than other channels, and the natural cost is much lower, which virtually reduces the cost of enterprises and improves the competitiveness of enterprise products in the market

3. the market coverage of products should be wide, and the telecommunications industry and information technology of the target country should have a certain degree of water. Albis Plastic Co., Ltd. has expanded its medical product portfolio. At present, more than 180 countries and regions in the world have opened the Internet, and the market coverage is relatively broad, which can greatly improve the opportunity to trade chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coiled material gb12953 ⑵ 003, and win more profits for enterprises

4. Enterprises should take advantage of the opportunity of direct communication with customers on the Internet to provide customized product services for customers. At the same time, enterprises should timely understand consumers' evaluation of enterprise products, so as to improve and speed up the research and development of new products. In addition, enterprises can reduce innovation risks and development costs while carrying out network marketing

Price strategy

price is one of the most complex and difficult problems in network marketing, because price is the most sensitive topic for enterprises, consumers and even middlemen. Online sales can make a single consumer get the prices of multiple or even all manufacturers of a product at the same time to make a purchase decision, which determines that the price elasticity of online sales is large. Therefore. When formulating the sales price, the enterprise should fully consider and check the price composition of each link in order to make the most reasonable price

1. Because the price will be impacted by the competition in the same industry at any time, enterprises can develop an automatic price adjustment system to adjust the actual price on the basis of calculating the maximum profit according to seasonal changes, market supply and demand, price changes of competitive products, promotional activities and other factors. At the same time, they can also carry out market research and timely obtain relevant information to adjust the price

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