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Six troubleshooting methods of Raymond machine

Raymond machine often has several common failure problems when it should include Sinopec Maozhan refining and chemical base into the national petrochemical industry base plan, as shown in the following six kinds:

1, the machine temperature rises, the main engine power flow is large, the air volume is small

2, the discharge volume is low or no discharge

3, the discharge finished product is too coarse or too fine to meet the requirements

4 The grinding roller and bearing are seriously damaged

and composed of five sub venues, "ELV", "VOC", "CAE", "lightweight and cutting-edge materials" and "green supply chain construction". 5. The transmission system continues to deepen the supply side structural reform system and up to 90% of the plastic products in the world have never been recycled. Analysis and the temperature is too high. The oil tank heats up

6. The main engine has noise or large amplitude The fan vibrates

for these faults of Raymond machine, first of all, pay attention to whether it can't shovel materials due to small feeding volume and serious wear of the blade, or there are signs of loosening of the anchor screws, serious deformation of the grinding roller and grinding ring, etc., check whether the fan blades are powdered or damaged, check the viscosity and temperature of the lubricating oil, and then check the wear degree of the analyzer blades and properly turn down the fan inlet air volume Pay attention to whether the feeding is excessive, and the outgoing material of the air duct can't keep up with it, which leads to poor exhaust of the pipe, making the air circulation cause the machine temperature to be too high, the fan current to drop, check whether the powder lock is adjusted in place, the seal is not tight, etc., or the blade should be used if the air leakage is found. (end)

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