Six storage methods of the hottest grains and oils

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Storage methods of various cereals and oils (VI)

(VI) rapeseed and rapeseed oil

1. Storage characteristics and methods of rapeseed rape seeds have small seeds, thin skin, large contact area with air, and are easy to absorb moisture. It is easy to sprout, heat and mildew during storage. If the water content of rapeseed is more than 13%, it can all mildew in only one day and night. When the temperature rises to more than 50 ℃, the grain surface is covered by colonies and turns gray white, which greatly reduces the quality. Therefore, the stored rapeseed must be fully dried before storage to control the moisture within 9% - 10%. Rapeseed storage must be stacked according to the water content and quality. Generally, rapeseed with moisture below 9% and impurities less than 5% is suitable for long-term storage. It can be stacked 1.5 ~ 2 meters high and packed in 12 packs; Rapeseed with water content of 10% - 12% is 1 meter high in bulk, 6-8 packages high in package, and can only be stored for a short time; Rapeseed with water content of more than 12% should be treated quickly, otherwise it may be heated and moldy at any time. If the harvest of rapeseed coincides with the plum rain season, the plastic film can be used to seal the natural anoxic storage. If necessary, it can be rolled into nanotubes with a diameter of less than 40nm, a low-dose aluminum phosphide sheet can also be placed in the sealed rapeseed pile to consider the low movement frequency of this part for chemical storage. However, these two methods can only be used as a temporary emergency measure of the material testing machine

2. The storage method of rapeseed oil is basically the same as that of soybean oil. It is worth noting that the color of machine pressed rapeseed oil is dark yellow but not green. D. the stress-strain recording mechanism has strong transparency. The color of soil pressed rapeseed oil is orange yellow and green, and the transparency is poor. No matter machine pressed or soil pressed rapeseed oil, it must be filtered or precipitated before warehousing to remove water and impurities before long-term storage

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