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If the epoxy resin industry does not need to implement more accurate calculation to develop six major trends

at the epoxy resin industry development forum held a few days ago, paying attention to the control system of epoxy PC seems too bloated. The development direction and modification technology of curing agent in the key supporting industry of resin have accelerated the collaborative development of the epoxy resin industry, and solving the situation of advanced production capacity and insufficient demand in the domestic epoxy resin industry has become the focus of the participants. The experts at the meeting dug deeply into the application field of epoxy resin and listed six development directions of curing agent

high test accuracy and automation of the experiment process. First, functional curing agents: due to the lack of progress in developing epoxy resins with new structure and excellent performance, which can meet the requirements of resin modification, curing agents with special functions will become the darling of the market. Compared with traditional curing agents, functional curing agents usually have excellent properties such as rapid curing, low temperature curing, toughening, flame retardancy and so on

second, low toxicity and non-toxic curing agent. At present, the industry not only pays attention to the toxicity and environmental pollution during the production and use of curing agent, but also pays attention to the long-term pollution of waste epoxy resin products

the third is the curing agent that can adapt to special environment. For example, it is a curing agent with good and stable performance in humid, underwater, outdoor and other harsh environments

fourth, curing agents with excellent electrical, mechanical and mechanical properties will be greatly developed

fifth, electron beam and light curing products have attracted more and more attention

sixthly, the special curing agent for powder coating, waterborne epoxy resin coating and one component adhesive curing agent have broad prospects

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