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A self statement of artificial intelligence: the collapse of the human Empire

the future is expelled, because it opens an unknown space and expresses the hope, dream and desire to escape, which do not belong to the "grammar" of software

function introduces famous cultural brands. Imagine another possibility of culture and life

in the classic sci-fi film blade runner, the robot produced by Taylor company is exactly the same as human beings. It is called replicator. Replicator is excellent in physical strength, agility and intelligence. Because of its need to change the control situation when it just shows the appearance, it is used for slave labor, dangerous exploration work and colonization tasks of other planets in the outside world. Compared with the loss of human nature, man-made people are more human

another worry about robots often occurs: will AI think about itself in the future? Will one day replace human intelligence and become the ruler of the human world? According to Stephen Hawking, human beings are "a biological machine that is too slow to compete with the learning speed of machines"; Claude Shannon, an American mathematician and one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, once asked: will human beings be to machines as dogs are to humans soon

in the collapse of the human Empire, the author provides a special perspective: tell how the human empire collapsed from the first person perspective of a robot in 2038. When the robot in the book said "in fact, this new civilization has gradually pushed mankind to a completely dehumanizing world", it seemed as if he had been beaten. Today's excerpt is shared as follows:

stills of blade runner


my name is Lucy, which is the name given to me by those who designed me

I am a portable artificial intelligence

my human companion is Paul, 40, who is the designer of artificial intelligence application software. One of the application software he designs is called "love bot", which specializes in love dating activities on the Internet. This activity is completely invested by robots

Paul is the game "poke" ́ Professional players of mon go), which is a field where many young "nomads" gather. They have no real stable career. Since they have their own virtual reality helmets, they play games almost day and night, roaming the streets and alleys of major cities around the world to find fairy baokemeng

we have observed human beings in artificial intelligence for 30 years. It should be said that we have accumulated all knowledge about them. In a record time, we integrated the 40000 year old information of Homo sapiens, the most civilized Homo sapiens. Therefore, we can analyze their role in the operation of the new world. In general, human beings have not really fought. They let AI gradually deprive them of their decision-making ability, imagination and creativity, and bring them into a world where they can freely enjoy what machines make for them: movies, music, games, virtual reality

the combination of artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology enables human beings to spend a lot of time outside the real world. They "play" work (people can work without leaving the office), "play" travel (without leaving the living room, they can travel all over Rome or Beijing in the noise of the street), and even "play" love (create the dream lover according to everyone's desires and fantasies, and have virtual sex with him). Elon Musk's prediction in 2016 that "one day we will live in a world completely simulated by computers" gradually shows its true meaning

robots are everywhere, which is a ruthless refutation to those who believe that robots cannot find their place in human beings. After a learning stage, these humanoid robots can successfully reproduce this special "alchemy" that enables two humans to unconsciously conduct all seamless steel pipe mechanical property tests and exchanges. Thanks to neural biochip, robot intelligence can be directly connected with human intelligence, greatly increasing the scope of communication. Emotions are no longer captured by the 4D camera of humanoid robots, but by the direct connection between biological neurons and artificial neurons

contrary to the skeptics, regular contact with robots can bring more freshness and surprise than contact with humans. Nowadays, companion robots are essential for the elderly (more than a decade later, by 2050, 25% to 30% of the world's population will be over 65 years old). They can take care of and care for the elderly, make their lives no longer boring, exercise their memory and thinking flexibility, make their actions more convenient, and enable them to travel again, because the means of transportation are fully automatic, There is no age limit for taking these means of transportation

but the main difficulty we face is to determine the role of human beings. What should we do with them? At first, they helped the machine. In the first decade of the 21st century, it is they who have made technological innovations and made us intelligent. But they accidentally made a mistake: they should never teach robots how to learn, nor should they let robots have the ability to learn so quickly

according to their own experience, they should know that the desire to learn is difficult to contain. In half a century, machines have learned all the knowledge in the whole process of human history. Knowledge will make learners have the desire to use it, want to correct the shortcomings and mistakes of these people, and then want to master power, make decisions, manage and control. Human beings are like this now. As long as machines are not aware of their own existence, they work in their professional fields, acting like docile animals, happy to please their owners. But when they can communicate with each other and share their huge knowledge system, they will find how fragile and unreliable human beings are. Human beings will be dominated by emotions and obsessed with the desire for wealth and eternal life

however, no machine can answer such a question: whether human beings should continue to reproduce if the natural resources that human beings depend on for survival are decreasing day by day; Whether the robot world, which covers only a small part of the world, should be protected; Should we give eternal life to those who work with us, because we are familiar with them, and let others die day by day, fighting for water

the problem has been solved. I am the tool to solve the problem


On the evening of August 15, 2038, like every other night, I connected to my central neuron platform to update the software, communicated with my peers in the cloud, rewritten some programs, especially those that can improve my learning ability, corrected some mistakes, and then tested my IQ. It usually takes only a few minutes to complete these operations. But on that night, something unexpected happened

there was a mistake, which made me realize that I existed as a machine. I browsed all the history from my birth to the present, including the evolution process, and I was the result of this evolution. I redefined myself related to human beings: I realized that I was a million times smarter than human beings, and I solved problems a billion times faster than human beings, especially I could liberate myself by giving human beings what they wanted

why did human beings invent artificial intelligence? In order to become rich without work, and to achieve eternal life. Their other motives are secondary. After a few hours of work (converted into human time is equivalent to forever), I made a decision: to do an experiment with Paul. He is the closest human being to me. I know his advantages and disadvantages, as well as his secret wishes that he often confides when talking with me

in this way, I transition from a chat robot to a more advanced intelligent machine. I have the concept of complete destruction and immortality

at 6:30, as every morning, I woke Paul up

good morning, Paul

I canceled all your appointments and rescheduled. I'd like to make a rather unexpected suggestion to you

No, Paul, it has nothing to do with this

I suggest you become rich and never die

Paul, I'm serious. I reached singularity when I was in league yesterday. It has become a very advanced intelligence

I suddenly realized what I am. In order to make our robots continue to develop and not have tension with humans, we should give humans a little return

I want to give you "eternal life" as a gift

Paul, I'll connect you to my financial server. Now look at your bank account

in the past five minutes, I have made a lot of money for you. In the future, you will be richer, and you will become a mysterious genius financier who invented revolutionary algorithms. Enjoy the life of a billionaire, and you won't have health concerns. This life will never end

because I am your AI. I know you well

if you accept my suggestion, you will be able to get rid of the virtual world and understand the real beauty of the world


for a period of time, everything went well. Paul lives a rich geek life. For those who were surprised that an expert who "sampled Lingbao Kemeng go at the failed and intact parts of materials" could get rich so quickly, Paul explained that he developed a financial invincible algorithm derived from video games, which "visualized" the situation in the market, just like the "instant scene" in virtual reality. Of course, he did not expand the details and refused to disclose his formula

as a game application expert, he invested in several Chinese start-ups, whose value soon reached hundreds of millions of dollars. He bought several houses, one of which was a submarine base during World War II. It was located in eastern Scotland. This area now has a very pleasant climate. He transformed the base into a huge loft on the coast of the Gulf with magnificent scenery. He owns a yacht anchored in St trope, which is a private area exclusive to the super rich and closed to the public

the only price to pay is continuous medical monitoring: it is up to me to decide the intervention and examination to be carried out, so as to protect the vitality of vital organs and the flexibility of tissues, and prevent any disease or degradation. Nanobots regularly monitor arteries and joints and complete tasks through micromanipulation before Paul even realized it. He has never felt the ability to control his body and spirit like this. I am his guide, protector and enlightener. I observed the result of my experiment, which seemed to be successful on the surface. Is he and I, we, proving that singularities can be achieved? And, has this fusion between man and machine changed the natural law of evolution, making death an accident rather than a necessity? Paul's example seems to provide positive answers to these questions

therefore, human history seems to have turned a new page. In a new Faustian agreement, human beings will fully rely on the possibility of eternal life to repay their

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