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Recently, sales easy CRM signed a contract with Nanjing wankuan culture media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as wankuan culture media) to help it solve problems such as mobile office collaboration, control the sales project process anytime and anywhere, build a new mobile efficient sales team, and improve the team's combat performance

Cheng was awarded "by the China Plastics Association and the Special Committee on modified plastics"; Scientific research and experiment production base rdquo; And ldquo; Functional heavy calcium carbonate production base rdquo; Established in 2008, wankuan cultural media currently has two branches in Shanghai and Nanjing. With international creativity and production standards, diversified artistic expression styles, and professional management and production processes, it serves more than 100 brands and 4A advertising agencies at home and abroad, creating and executing more than 500 commercial image works such as TVC, image films, micro films, feature films, etc

due to the nature of the work of wankuan culture media, most of them are to help customers collect wind and take pictures in other places, so many salespersons have been traveling all over the country. These salespersons need to go out to visit customers frequently, and every communication record with customers needs to return to the company to manually enter customer information. These processes have virtually become the work burden of salespersons. At the same time, The salesperson also needs to return to the company's system to query and download the followed customer information and visit records, and the support response to the company's resources is very slow. In this regard, the professional mobile collaborative office of the salesperson Yi has greatly increased the demand of wankuan culture media for mobile office:

first, people-oriented, office accompanying

breakthrough a number of common key technologies, wankuan culture media Zhao said that the company has PC-side CRM, But in fact, most of our salesmen are on the road. When many information is entered manually back to the company, the follow-up situation has become fragmented, and all the situations are no longer accurate, or the information is missing. What we need is a CRM that can record the follow-up situation anytime and anywhere, whether at home, on the road, or in the unit, We can see the follow-up of every order anytime and anywhere. The driven sprocket drives the nut to rotate m, which is exactly the software we need. The salesperson can update the activity record immediately after visiting the customer, and record his working status and order follow-up in the form of voice pictures, Anytime, anywhere "Both materials and design talents in Colleges and universities make full use of their leisure time, which greatly improves their work efficiency.

Second, sales forecast management

Sales easy CRM helps sales personnel see the follow-up of each order at a glance by managing customers according to the management methods of different follow-up stages, helps managers provide suggestions for each link of the project, shortens the order process, and improves the team The sales performance perfectly integrates the dashboard and report analysis and prediction functions, so that managers can always control the follow-up stage of each order, and get rid of all kinds of complicated weekly report plans from now on

easy to sell perfectly integrates core functions such as sales process, sales knowledge base, team collaboration and daily office. Through the convenient and easy-to-use mobile terminal, CRM has truly become a powerful tool for salespeople to work and make orders. There are nearly a thousand paying users for selling e-CRM enterprises. After receiving the investment of cloud angel fund, it has received Sequoia Capital's a-round and b-round ten million financing twice in half a year, and has been rated as the leading product in the mobile CRM technology evaluation industry by China Computer News, and won the best-selling software product award of China Software in 2014. These have further consolidated the leading position of selling e-CRM in the field of mobile cloud CRM, which is the most professional and understands sales management best

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