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Sales of fake and shoddy fire retardant coatings, Ma'anshan fire protection, according to the law

sales of fake and shoddy fire retardant coatings, harness, Ma'anshan fire protection, according to the law

May 8, 2009

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[China paint information] recently, the Fire Department of Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province, during the fire inspection of the construction site of No. 2 plant under construction by Yixiong Materials Co., Ltd. in Jinjiazhuang Industrial Park, The sealing effect is good. It is found that the Zhongyi brand ultra-thin steel structure fire retardant coating provided by Dulux (Hongguang paint store) is a fake and inferior product. The fire department immediately ordered to stop the construction according to law, sealed 30 barrels of fire retardant coating on the site, and then launched a case investigation

on May 6, the municipal fire department, industry and Commerce Department and other departments jointly conducted a surprise inspection on Dulux (Hongguang paint store) on Yushan road in order not to cause too much time for users. After investigation, nine barrels of Zhongyi brand ultra-thin steel structure fire-proof coating produced by a fire-proof material factory in Henan Province stored in the warehouse of the store were sold without type approval certificate and inspection report of fire-fighting products. After on-site test, the fire-proof performance did not meet national standards, and the fire department judged it as fake and substandard fire-fighting products on the spot

in this regard, the fire industry and commerce department ordered to stop selling and temporarily withhold unqualified fire retardant coatings in accordance with the provisions of Article 44, paragraph 1, of the fire protection law of the people's Republic of China and Article 49 of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China. At the same time, Li, the legal representative of the store, also said that the cold and hot temperature impact test was completed because he was deceived; Load wiring test parts can be added by the test hole; Before the experiment, fake and shoddy fire-fighting products were sold according to the requirements of fighting energy. In the future, they will take warning and operate in accordance with the law

at present, the case is under further investigation

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