The hottest selling Nokia, who can save it

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"Sell" Nokia: who is around? Who can save it

maybe the shareholders can't stand the tragic situation of Nokia falling into loss again and cash reserves are tight, maybe the management is deliberately manipulated, and the sale of Nokia has been provoked again

"Wall Street" said that Nokia and its strategic partner Microsoft have launched the latest negotiations on the acquisition transaction. However, due to the failure of the two sides to reach an agreement on the price, the senior negotiations on Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia have broken down

is Nokia really looking for a sale? In the decentralized Nokia, who is controlling the acquisition storm? Can the sale of the company save Nokia, which is still struggling in the trough

the road to recovery is difficult to improve

Nokia's situation is well known. After betting on the implementation of windowsphone's intelligent transformation strategy for more than two years, Nokia did not usher in a new situation to reverse the decline as scheduled. Today, Nokia, which has been at a low point for a long time, is still struggling and seeking recovery

from the current market performance, although the sales volume of lumia, which is highly expected, continues to grow and is better than the market expectation, the strategy of alliance with Microsoft to launch windowsphone intelligence has not yet become a strong driving force to pull Nokia out of the trough. At the same time, the sales of low-cost functions that once brought high growth and high return to Nokia can not make up for the loss of the company in the period of intelligent transformation

all this is directly reflected in the financial statements of advanced enterprises left by Nokia

Nokia, which has been in a downturn for a long time, finally returned to profitability in the fourth quarter of 2012, driven by the significant cost reduction through layoffs, plant closures, sales of headquarters buildings and other means, as well as the rising sales volume of lumia. That turnaround was once regarded by the industry as an important turning point after Nokia lost money for six consecutive quarters

however, the good times are not long. After a short profit, Nokia fell into a loss again in the first quarter of 2013, and the recovery that had just begun to pick up was broken. To make matters worse, the capital market is also worried about Nokia's cash consumption. Some analysts believe that Nokia may run out of all its cash reserves in the next few years

from the sales data of the last five quarters, the growth in the sales volume of lumia series of smart phones (2million, 4million, 2.9 million, 4.4 million and 5.6 million from the first quarter of 2012 to the first quarter of 2013, respectively) has indeed provided some breathing space for Nokia to get out of the low performance. However, this company, which is weak in the global smart market, has not really turned around

compared with the tens of millions of sales of Samsung's single smart phone, Nokia still has a long way to go to regain its lost market share. According to the statistics of market research institutions, in the first quarter of 2013, Samsung intelligent shipped 61.6 million units, and apple shipped 36.9 million units, both far exceeding Nokia's lumia intelligent

who is controlling the acquisition storm

if Nokia's shareholders can't stand the current situation of the company, they may collectively promote an acquisition, but the intended buyer may not be Microsoft. However, this is not easy for Nokia, which has scattered equity

to some extent, it is not too much for the outside world to speculate that the actions of Nokia's management are a conspiracy

a year ago, when Nokia was in deep losses, the wave of layoffs was high, and its allies suddenly betrayed (Microsoft announced that the wp8 system did not support the lumia upgrade), Nokia executives did not take measures to stabilize the company's stock price, but unexpectedly expressed regret for the strategic decisions the company had made in the past and was implementing in an interview with the media

Nokia executives' self destruction of confidence at that time hit Nokia's stock price again, which had fallen by 90%. But not long after, CEO elop, chairman silasma and several other board members bought more than US $1million of Nokia stock in the open market. Then, Nokia stock price rose 56% in 7 days 2) the longitudinal stress of the section near the center line of the box girder near the support position was greater than that at the web, creating the largest increase since 1991

although the Nokia spokesman explained this behavior of the company's executives as the commitment and determination of the board of directors and the leadership to Nokia, as well as confidence in the future, the industry generally believes that the bottom reading and increase of Nokia executives are strategic actions

the logic of this analysis is that Nokia's management has no absolute right to speak because of the overly decentralized ownership structure; If the management wants to strive for a greater say, they have to take measures to squeeze out the unbearable shareholders. Objectively, it is the most effective way to promote the continuous decline of the stock price, and then copy the bottom and increase their holdings

according to this conspiracy theory, it is unknown who is controlling Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia

although Nokia officials have repeatedly said that cooperating with Microsoft is the best choice, if Nokia is acquired by Microsoft, elop, the most controversial CEO in Nokia's history who is dissatisfied with most shareholders, will really become a chess piece for Microsoft

can selling save Nokia

even if Nokia gains some money by selling, its turnaround may not be smooth

the general view in the industry is that if Nokia is acquired by a manufacturer, and the spring steel sup6 for coil springs is one of the Si Mn spring steels, the brand of Nokia is likely to withdraw from the stage of history. Even if the acquirer is willing to retain the Nokia brand temporarily, the future dual brand strategy is difficult to last

in this case, if Nokia really wants to sell, the most suitable buyer is its current strategic partner Microsoft

but is selling really the best way to save Nokia

a comparable case is Motorola mobile, which was acquired by Google. In August, 2011, Google announced that it had invested US $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola mobile, which has 17000 patents. In May, 2012, the acquisition was announced to be completed. Soon after that, Google began to implement a series of business integration, institutional adjustment and large-scale layoffs for Motorola mobile

however, Google's slimming and burden reduction action on Motorola Mobile has not effectively alleviated the cost pressure of this old manufacturer. According to the financial report of the first quarter of 2013 disclosed by Google, its Motorola mobile lost more than $271million in the quarter, which is the 16th consecutive quarter of loss for Motorola mobile

it can be seen that the sale of the company and the subsequent series of adjustments cannot benefit Motorola mobile in the short term. If Nokia is acquired by Microsoft, it will also face similar and even more complex integration problems

more importantly, Microsoft's interest in Nokia is probably the same as Google's interest in Motorola. They are all running for patents. After the acquisition is completed, they will take action in the global smart market with the help of the hardware pawn they acquired. At that time, Nokia, which originally wanted to rely on Microsoft to turn around in the smart market, may only become a tool in Microsoft's smart device landscape

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