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The self-service intelligent express box appeared in Hefei, and the whole process monitoring of picking up items by code

the self-service intelligent express box quietly entered some communities in Hefei, and the whole process monitoring of picking up items by code. Hefei plans to install another 300 express cases this year

self service intelligent express boxes have quietly entered some communities in Hefei. This open express self-service interactive platform established by a third party has quietly sprung up in Hefei and even the whole country, and may completely change the existing express delivery mode. Some people describe it this way: while considering its compatibility and toughening, express the same steps to do 10 experiments. The last 100 meters are handed over to the self-service intelligent express box

in a community in Hefei government district, the courier is using the intelligent express box to store express delivery

the whole process of picking up pieces by code is monitored

one ordinary morning, Xiao Zheng received a novel text message: your express has been delivered to the lobby of the community. Pick up the code. After work, Xiao Zheng successfully picked up the pieces by express delivery with the extraction code, which lasted less than five minutes. The express mail mentioned in the text message is a self-service intelligent express box, which has quietly appeared in major buildings in Hefei. To find out, come to a community in the government district where self-service intelligent express boxes have been installed

the express box set near the wall in the lobby of the community is a large iron cabinet about 2 meters high, 40 cm wide and 4 meters long, which is similar to the deposit lockers in shopping malls. The express box has 54 small compartments, which are divided into three sizes. The smallest one can hold a piece of clothes, and the largest one can hold dozens of books. Two cameras are installed on the left and right sides of the top of the big iron cabinet, and express delivery and pick-up will be monitored throughout the process

the middle part of the express box is a LCD touch screen, which has options such as pick-up, delivery, Express query, help information, etc. Click to pick up the express, input the pick-up code as required, and the box where the express is located will automatically pop up the small door, and the citizens can take away the express

in just 10 minutes, two owners have come to pick up the pieces and one courier has come to send the pieces. The control accuracy will not be poor. The courier described that the use of express express express companies and citizens do not need to spend money, but only need to set up express express enterprises and properties to reach an agreement

Hefei plans to install another 300 express boxes within this year

in recent years, postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises in more and more countries have begun to use intelligent express boxes to solve the end delivery problem. So far, nearly 20 countries around the world have applied smart express boxes. In the domestic market, China Post, SF, Yuantong, Yunda, Zhongtong, and other express delivery enterprises have begun to try to use smart express boxes. Chengdu I Lai Lai (i.e. express easy installation enterprise), Fuzhou Youbao, Beijing Campus 100 and Beijing dixingbo invested and operated the product as a third party

although smart express boxes have been rising for a long time, Hefei did not appear until early July this year. According to Hefei postal administration, at present, more than 100 communities in Hefei have installed express self-service express boxes. 300 units are planned to be installed during the year, most of which are distributed in residential areas and some are installed in office buildings. The next step will be to enter major universities in Hefei

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