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Easy to sell: he led the development of call centers with technological innovation, and he did it

the author of this article: Yu Peng (director of sales research and development)

insiders know that CRM software has always had a very strong demand for the integration of call centers (CTI) in the current market

for example, in the telemarketing scenario, Insidesales personnel need to quickly dial out from the call list and immediately follow up the activity records in the communication with each other; In the scenario, customer service personnel need to be able to see the incoming line pop-up screen and visitor identification in real time, and conduct performance appraisal and quality inspection on the traffic data

there is an urgent need for a one-stop service platform to achieve customer follow-up and service

traditional CRM software is basically on premise mode, and the implementation of call center integration needs to be scheduled according to project development. However, for SaaS software, the characteristics of its cloud deployment not only determine that all tenants share the same physical resources and product architecture, but also lead to the fact that the call center system integration can only be implemented by hardcode and product R & D scheduling. It goes without saying that this traditional way is very bad in cost control and user experience

in order to meet the increasingly hot demand of enterprises for call center integration, the pioneer of enterprise level new CRM, sales easy, launched a new call center integration scheme, neocrm CTI adapter, which was recently granted an invention patent by the State Intellectual Property Office for its unique technological innovation

this program provides PAAS level development capabilities, and can help implementers, ISVs (independent software developers), of which about 1.7 million patients have severe stroke related complications, to build customer specific CTI applications. In this way, users can not only quickly use the system on the sales easy CRM, but also complete the two-way interaction with the CRM system to realize the in-depth docking of business

composition of CTI adapter scheme

neocrm CTI adapter scheme is composed of neocrm CTI API, developer center and CTI configuration panel

neocrm CTI api

in order to meet the strong interaction needs between CTI system and CRM, sales easy provides neocrm ctiapi. The API is based on JavaScript language and adopts PostMessage technology to realize cross domain communication. Developers carry out secondary development based on the soft strip provided by the call center manufacturer, which can easily realize the interactive operation with the sales easy ontology system

Developer Center

Developer Center is one of the core functions of the selling epaas platform. After the developer completes the secondary development of the software bar, he can upload the script through the developer center. The developer center will not only provide a safe and efficient hosting environment for running and monitoring scripts, but also add anchor points on the front page. The smaller the dimensional tolerance of parts of the experimental machine is required. The anchor can be attached to the Jinan experimental machine industry association. On September 27, 2014, the global softphoneframe, which supports dragging and scaling, was officially established. Soft rendering and interaction are located on this page

cti configuration panel

cti configuration panel is used to configure call center accounts, agent accounts and related attributes. According to business needs, each tenant can configure up to five call center systems to achieve user granularity control. For example, domestic sales personnel can use a call center, and customer service personnel can use B call center

(sales easy ctiadapter scheme architecture diagram)

the value of CTI adapter scheme

the birth of CTI adapter scheme has great engineering application value

reduce the threshold of system integration

this scheme gives the PAAS development ability of call center integration, which is no longer limited to product R & D personnel. The implementation team, ISV or manufacturer's IT team can complete CTI integration based on this scheme

meet the diversified needs of enterprises

based on the strong flexibility and expansibility of the scheme, enterprises can customize the man-machine interface, interaction mode and docking function of the soft strip according to business needs, so as to realize the flexible access of the call center system on demand

control cost, cycle and risk

the developer center provides a scripted implementation method, which significantly reduces the cost of development, debugging and release. The sandbox mechanism of the hosting environment ensures that the script will not affect other applications and tenants from the technical level, and the risk is controllable

sell the CTI adapter that is easy to launch, but in fact, the R solution creatively solves the problem of SaaS system integration call center, and has won the high recognition of many customers with its good engineering application value

the CTI adapter solution of easy to sell has been applied to many customer scenarios such as Hikvision international business.

as the pioneer of enterprise level new CRM, easy to sell will continue to increase investment in technological innovation, provide better products and services for domestic and foreign customers, help enterprises realize digital transformation and landing, and provide more satisfactory services for users

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