The hottest selling 200 sets of Xiaxing in South C

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Sell 200 sets! "Xia" travel in South China "big" victory

strong sales of 200 units! "Xia" travel in South China "big" victory

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Xu Gong large tonnage loader

Xiake travel "keeps going

Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian

successive opening

South China has set off an upsurge

in South China, the domestic first-line brands in the loader industry are entrenched, and the market competition is particularly fierce. XCMG has been working here for a long time. While taking root in the first and second tier cities, the market layout continues to sink, and the sales and service network has penetrated into the third and fourth tier cities and towns with greater total demand

the general trend surges in South China

"Xiakexing" is a practical action to comprehensively promote the use of more valuable XCMG large tonnage loaders. The first stop in South China opened in Nanning, Guangxi, and nearly 500 customers in the province came here with admiration

"the previous understanding of Xu Gong's large tonnage loader China's recent comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific outlook on development is limited to written and peer mouth. This time, I also signed up to experience it myself." Guangxi customers have a high degree of recognition for large tonnage products, which are widely used in ports, mines, and industries such as discussing the most innovative packaging shapes, materials and design processes with customers. With a fiery atmosphere and soaring purchase demand, nearly 100 units were signed on the opening day

Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area, Beibu Gulf Urban Agglomeration and Hainan Free Trade Zone meet in Maoming, and the journey of Guangdong station also begins here. Under the background of high-quality development of regional economy, customers have gradually changed from price orientation to choose high-quality, high-performance and high-quality service equipment

"the quality of XCMG loader is useless, especially the large tonnage products are particularly energetic and fuel-efficient." A large port customer repeatedly praised that "since using XCMG loaders, drivers feel that other brands are not easy to use." The seven characteristics of XCMG loaders are leading the new trend of the industry

Fujian accounts for half of the domestic stone mining, while Pingtan people have built 80% of the domestic tunnels. The unique and firm screw color industrial composition gives Fujian a unique loader customer base, especially XCMG side dump loaders and stone fork loaders are popular here. The third stop in Fuzhou provided a martial arts training ground close to customers for XCMG's large tonnage deformation machinery products

value wins and contributes to success

XCMG loaders have a stable share in South China, ranking in the forefront of the industry. In addition to going deep into the sales network at the end of the market, the professional and timely service team also provided strong support for the achievement. "XCMG's service is particularly humanized. Almost all mainstream brands of loaders provide maintenance. As expected, big brands have a big pattern." So what is the specific process of metal tensile test? President Li, who owns 11 XCMG loaders, has put the old equipment of other brands on the agenda

the linkage activities of the three provinces continue. At present, about 200 units have been ordered in total. With the experience upgrading and value upgrading brought by "Xiake bank", orders continue to increase

XCMG activated the endogenous power of the whole loader market in South China, boosted the confidence of the shovel industry, and continued to deliver "high-end, high-tech, high value-added, large tonnage" loader products and gold medal service experience, helping customers succeed

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