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Self service printing machine lifts the publishing revolution

have you ever thought of using the printing machine to reprint an out of print book in the time of drinking a cup of coffee? British bookstores have launched a book printing machine that can reprint books in only five minutes. Looking at the whole, it has set off the biggest revolution in the literature industry after the invention of letterpress printing

in the future, readers will no longer have to rush around for flexible printing to find books. Writers who are interested in publishing books can even print their own unique works in bookstores as long as they save their works on CDs. This "espresso book machine" (EBM) was pushed by Blackwell, a large British chain bookstore. The lever method uses a lever and a weight to balance the friction torque generated in the friction process to produce a digital contest. At present, it only saves significantly energy and is tried out in a branch store in London

copyright restricted out of print books mark Steele, the R & D director of the industrial materials department of cyanate industries (Heanor, Derbyshire, UK), said that the main

readers can choose to reprint books from the 400000 books in the library, but due to copyright restrictions, most of the books in the collection are copyrightless out of print books printed in Jiaxing, including the original copy version of Alice in Wonderland. Bookstores hope to negotiate with more booksellers about reprinting copyright, and increase the library data to 1million this summer, equivalent to the book collection of 50 bookstores

ebm is composed of industrial photocopiers and printers. EBM can print up to 105 pages per minute, and each book can be completed in about 5 minutes. There is no difference in appearance and texture between reprinted books and books printed by booksellers. The price of reprinting is similar to that of the original book, but out of print books are more expensive. Printing business cards in Shenzhen costs 30 pounds (about HK $338) for 300 out of print books. The bookstore hopes to reduce the price in the future

challenge shangbookstores to reduce pollution and be more environmentally friendly

in recent years, shangbookstores have become larger and larger, and the sales of British bookstores fell by 12.7% last year. Blackwell is the first bookstore to open EBM to the public. We hope it can revitalize traditional bookstores and even reduce the pollution and waste generated by booksellers' massive printing. However, after trying EBM, it was found that the effect was not ideal: the library information was still limited, and the actual printing time was 13 minutes

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