The hottest PVC market is still in a weak consolid

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PVC PVC market is still weak consolidation situation

PVC market atmosphere is quiet, and the market remains stable. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation of ethylene general powder was yuan. Among them, Shanghai chlor alkali WS is 8400 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical s is 7700 yuan, Tianjin Dagu slk1000 is 8000 yuan, and Tianjin LG LS100 is 8200 yuan. The basic pattern of the market has not changed significantly after the festival, and the stalemate between the buyer and the seller continues to maintain. On the one hand, after a wave of decline in the previous period, the current price is generally low, and under the support of cost pressure, merchants' intention to sell goods at a profit is not high; On the other hand, there is no obvious change in the demand side. The comprehensive evaluation is increasingly used for metal, plastic, rubber, film, fiber, glass fiber, paper, textile and other metal materials, non-metallic materials, composite materials, and its well-known brand dispercoll acirc; The tensile test, contraction test, zigzag test, stress relaxation or creep test of U series materials in the field of shoe glue utilization, and the tensile, peel and welding strength test of mechanical parts and electronic parts determine whether they comply with national standards or relevant regulations of the industry. In addition to maintaining sporadic procurement, there is no major movement in downstream factories. Since then, the market downturn is difficult to break. It is expected that the PVC market may still be in a weak consolidation state in the near future. Another special material is the high filled polycarbonate material of Makrolon TC product series

raw material prices and external quotation: the price of EDC in the Asian market fell by 75 dollars per ton (CFR Far East) and 62.5 dollars per ton (CFR Southeast Asia). VCM fell by 37.5 US dollars per ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia). PVC quotation continued to decline, and the latest mainstream price was USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia), both falling by 45 USD/ton

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