The hottest PVC market is still strong

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PVC market is still strong.

can PVC regain its strength in the future? This has become the focus of the industry. Because it directly affects the purchase and marketing strategy of the operator: whether to increase inventory or reduce resources on hand

people actively promote the exchange and cooperation of ceramic aluminum new materials in the fields of automobile lightweight, aerospace and ordnance industry. It is well known that as early as April, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS resin, polystyrene and other products all increased to varying degrees without exception, except PVC resin. When downstream subsidies fell, the PVC market in Guangzhou at that time showed no signs of increase. This is particularly prominent in the Guangzhou market. In the whole April, the price of PVC on the Guangzhou market has been unable to exceed the 6800 yuan/ton mark, but always traded at about 6600-6700 yuan/ton. Obviously, this is not commensurate with the rise of hundreds of yuan in the price of other products. It is no wonder that the industry concerned shows great concern about the future market of PVC, although the time that follows is the peak season of PVC

in fact, from the market changes of plastic raw materials since 2002, PVC was the first to rise, but its rising market was mild and did not last long, so it has not been valued by the industry. In the Guangzhou market, the price of PVC in February this year has been maintained at a low level of 4800-4900 yuan/ton; But after entering March, the whole market began to rise significantly, first 4500 yuan/ton, then 5500 yuan/ton, and then 6500 yuan/ton. Obviously, in March, the price of PVC resin has increased by more than 1500 yuan/ton

however, after entering April, when the market of other plastic products was rising, PVC began to behave like "standing still", and there was no longer any upward movement. Therefore, the relevant industry has no bottom in mind about the PVC market, and it is difficult to grasp it

in the author's opinion, the change of PVC resin market also has its internal law, which is basically similar to that of other plastic products. It is mainly based on the changes in the international market. But it also showed a certain lag, and it also had a great relationship with the domestic market supply and demand at that time

looking back at the market in the fourth quarter of last year, we know that the domestic market of PVC resin at that time was stagnant, and Guangzhou market was no exception. The main thing is that the quotation in the international market is too low, and a large number of low-priced goods pour into the domestic market, which has caused a great impact on the Chinese market. It is reported that at that time, the price of PVC reported by foreign businessmen in the Pearl River Delta region was even as low as $400/ton. At that time, the market price in Guangzhou once fell to only 4500 yuan/ton. After February this year, the international market quotation began to rise slowly, and by March, the international price had risen to a high of 630 US dollars/ton. During this period, the market price in Guangzhou also rebounded to a high of 6500 yuan/ton. However, after April, although the international market quotation further increased, the market price in Guangzhou has not been able to rise significantly. Among them, the highest quotation in April was 680 US dollars/ton. After entering may, the latest quotation has risen to nearly 700 US dollars/ton

the recent PVC market in Guangzhou and even the whole country failed to keep up with the rising pace of the international market, mainly due to the lagging response under the pressure of too many domestic market resources

as we all know, due to the low quotation of PVC in the international market in the fourth quarter of last year and even in January and February this year, domestic importers placed a large number of orders, resulting in a large increase in domestic resources. Especially in Guangdong, many businesses believe that after entering 2002, the market will have a great turn for the better and store a lot of goods. The result is to wait and wait. The PVC market did not rise sharply as expected

however, the failure of PVC market in April and may does not mean that the situation after June and July is not good. At present, there are three positive factors that will stimulate the rapid rise of PVC prices in June and July: first, the rapid rise in the international market, especially the high hovering state of oil prices in the international market, will support the high quotation of PVC in the international market. Because the current PVC price in the international market has been at a high level of 700 US dollars/ton. Even with this quotation, the price of PVC in Guangzhou market is more than 7300 yuan/ton. It is generally tested in high and low temperature boxes

the second is that China's economic and Trade Commission has recently accelerated the investigation of PVC anti-dumping, and it is said that the Customs has also levied taxes on the recently arrived PVC resin at the import price of 700 US dollars/ton. Obviously, the cost of newly arrived imported products is bound to increase

the third is that may, June and July are entering the peak demand season in China, which is conducive to the start of PVC market

of course, the overall inventory level of domestic PVC is still relatively high, and it is difficult for PVC prices to rise significantly in the short term. But the rising tone will not change. 6. The overall price level in July exceeded 7500 yuan. It is not surprising that Wang Wei, director of the tariff Department of the Ministry of finance, revealed the/ton mark at the 2013 China brand products import Fair held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province

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