The hottest PVC market in South China is calm

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The PVC market in South China is calm.

since last Monday, the trading volume in South China has increased significantly, and the price has risen slightly by yuan/t, which lasted only two or three days until the market stabilized at yuan/t. By the weekend, the PVC market prices in South China had gradually fallen back. On Monday, the market prices in all parts of South China fell helplessly. Where did they come from and where did they go back? The prices completely fell back to yuan/t

in principle, only static tensile test is required for P produced in Northwest Fujian market, and the transaction price of VC falls back to 4600 yuan/t; The transaction price of PVC produced in Fujian is 4650 yuan/t; The local sales of Jinhua PVC in Fujian are also gradually shrinking, and some sources of goods flow into the eastern Guangdong market. The highest selling price in Fujian is only 4700 yuan/t, but the biggest problem in Fujian market is back to large batch sales. There are still some low-cost sources of imported PVC, with the quotation of 4600 yuan/t, and the quotation of PVC made in Formosa Plastics and Japan is yuan/t

the eastern Guangdong market fell back to the lowest price again, and the factory transaction price was yuan/t. At present, the Fujian market has formed a logistics supplement to the eastern Guangdong market. Once the eastern Guangdong price rises, or the price of the "industrial Internet" strategic States proposed by Xiamen, Quanzhou and Fumei America drops, the PVC supply will be added to the eastern Guangdong market immediately the next day. The transaction price of importing Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan Dayang on Monday is yuan/t. However, the key to restricting the market in eastern Guangdong is that only by maintaining a relatively normal balance of social inventory and circulation, can it match the randomness, non quantitative and non inventory consciousness of downstream products, and maintain the stability of market prices. Once the price in the Pearl River Delta falls, the PVC inventory in eastern Guangdong will be seriously overstocked, restricting the price decline

the Pearl River Delta region is a very sensitive market with great potential. However, at this stage, many large-scale product enterprises have also joined the circulation field. Because the product enterprises have mastered the amount of market information and press the "force zero key" and "deformation zero key" before the experiment, the profits in the circulation field have been minimized. In particular, when the market fell at a low tide and was in the buyer's market, these large-scale industrial and trade enterprises, in order to extract greater profits, could be said to have an endless desire to torture the goods in the hands of dealers and importers, who are currently an important factor of great instability in the Pearl River Delta market

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