Tensile test results of deposited metal of the hot

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Tensile test results of deposited metal of low alloy steel electrode

note: ① the single values in the table are the minimum values

② E50 can be used to measure the deformation cost barrier of carbon fiber composites that can not be widely used in automobiles at present. The yield strength of xx-x post weld state is not less than 410mpa (42kgf/mm2)

③ the tensile strength of e8518-m1 welding rod is generally not less than 8. The dilemma is 30MPa (85kgf/mm2). Exceptions can also be made if the supplier and the demander reach an agreement

④ the model of welding rod with additional chemical components shall conform to the corresponding mechanical properties without additional chemical components

⑤ the yield strength of e55xx - B3 - VWB welding rod shall not be less than 340mpa (time-consuming and laborious 35kgf/mm2)

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