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Terminal design strategy for new tea beverage packaging

this summer, Shanghai is very hot, which is not a bad thing for the majority of businesses. The consumption of soft drinks also increased year-on-year. At present, the beverage market in Shanghai has a complete range of products and fierce competition among elites from all walks of life. Taking advantage of this peak sales season, who doesn't want to improve performance and capture market share

this time, from the perspective of PIs (product image system), we scanned the main tea drinks in Shanghai, and learned how to carry out terminal promotion for small and medium-sized food enterprises through sorting

tea beverage is a dark horse in recent years. It has been four years since the beginning of Sandri oolong tea. Over the past four years, tea drinks have undergone earth shaking changes. Just in terms of the number of brands, the family has expanded a lot. Only the main brands and products are listed as follows:

● Kirin: afternoon black tea, raw tea, smelling tea

● unified enterprise: Iced Black tea, iced green tea, Tieguanyin

● Master Kang (Dingxin group): iced green tea, iced black tea

● Wahaha: Iced Black tea, organic green tea Longjing tea

● Suntory: Oolong tea, clear tea

● others: Qimen black tea, barley tea, milk tea, etc.

launched tea drinks in the Chinese market, and Suntory oolong tea is an early brand. Four years later, it still stands, enough to show the accuracy of the original forecast. China has a long tea culture. Drinking tea, especially southern people have a special preference for drinking tea. The industrialized processing of tea into fast-moving consumer goods is in line with the requirements of modern people to pursue a simple life. Therefore, in addition to tea houses, tea bars and homes, tea is no longer required to be tasted. It has really become a scenery in the hands of passers-by in a hurry

the high homogeneity of tea drinks makes consumers more influenced by advertising in the selection process. According to relevant survey data, more than 70% of buyers believe that advertising affects their final purchase. At the same time, brand loyalty is very low. Most people do not object to trying to buy new tea drinks, which is in line with the sales law of FMCG with low unit price

since it is difficult for consumers to be loyal, how to speed up the shipment rate and increase the running volume has become a problem that enterprises are eager to solve. When strengthening retail outlets, wholesale and other sales means, the construction of the terminal image system can not be ignored. The premise for the successful establishment of the terminal image system is to correctly formulate the product strategy

I. new product development strategy

new product development seems simple, but it should be cautious for decision makers. First of all, we must have a foresight. According to the information feedback from the Tea Expo in the past two years, the number of people who began to drink oolong tea is on the rise. It shows that the tastes of consumers who are used to drinking traditional green tea and scented tea begin to change, which is inevitable. So it is natural to see that there are many tea drinks with oolong tea as raw material on the market. The most typical is Suntory oolong tea (low sugar and sugar free Series), followed by the unified introduction of "Tieguanyin", which is also oolong tea. However, in the appearance of its bottle sticker, it strengthens another unique message - purple sand brewing, thus separating itself. This USP makes it more recognizable. The successful new product is "Wen Cha" launched by Kirin this year. After the launch of black tea (afternoon black tea) and green tea (raw tea), Wen Cha pushed Jinan testing machine factory to calibrate its hardness tester, making its product more complete in category structure, thus making it possible to occupy more market share

II. New product packaging design strategy

packaging is an important part of terminal promotion. Everyone knows that good packaging is a silent salesman, but few people can really rely on good packaging performance to improve sales. There is a concept that needs special reminding: do not expect a well-designed package to generate good sales, but a well-designed package can definitely boost sales

packaging design strategy is to have strategy before design

at present, there is a phenomenon in soft drink packaging, that is, the bottle sticker design is developing to a large area. Most of the original bottle stickers were placed on the top half of the bottle. This style is represented by afternoon black tea series and Sandri oolong tea series. However, in order to express more content and maximize the advertising display area, the bottle sticker has almost surrounded the whole bottle. This method is represented by the tea smelling and raw tea of Kirin company. Although this has increased the printing cost, the increased cost is nothing compared with the publicity effect. Obviously, this method is more recognized by the market, so we can find that Suntory has also changed the original bottle pasting method of Oolong tea, and the newly launched "Qingcha" has also adopted the whole body bottle pasting method, and he has made this method more in-depth. The matte material is used to polish local fonts to obtain a more refined effect, which attracts people's attention as soon as it is listed on the market

III. advertising strategy

as mentioned earlier, the sales of most FMCG are closely related to their communication strength. High product homogeneity and low comparability, so well-known brands can use their brains in advertising. From the selected brand spokesperson and the broadcast time, we have made a very detailed planning

● Suntory green tea: soybeans, with their lightsome dancing posture, embody the lightness and freedom of green tea. In Shanghai, the main battlefield of Suntory, soybean enjoys a good reputation. It is wise to use him as a spokesperson and a regional market

● afternoon black tea: Audrey Hepburn, an amazing idea to bring the dead back to life

● Wahaha Longjing tea: Feng Xiaogang and Zhou Xingchi, together with superstars, are relaxed and humorous. When they were broadcast, they took advantage of Shaolin football and just hit the market

● Kirin raw tea: Matsushima Caizi, the queen of Japanese opera, whose subtle and elegant temperament conforms to the product characteristics

● unified Iced Black Tea: Stefanie Sun, the popular new human idol

the gradual enhancement of health awareness and changes in lifestyle ● Master Kang Iced Black Tea: Ren Xianqi; Master Kang iced green tea: suyoupeng. They all capture the hearts of fashionable young men and girls with a clear and healthy image, and have a clear target consumer group

the above brands all choose stars as spokesmen. The advantage of choosing stars is that they have great appeal, but they also have a lot of investment

there are also advertisements that use ordinary people to endorse the image. The typical one is the new advertisement of Suntory oolong tea. The old version of the advertisement chose xujinglei to interpret the new tea era, following the emotional line, fresh and romantic. However, in the second half of 2002, she began to change the feminine route, taking office women as the main body and deliberately promoting her self-confident personality. With "Cha Cha oolong tea" as the voice recognition logo, combined with the image of the advertising series, good publicity results have been achieved

as the food industry has entered a low barrier, a considerable number of enterprises have gradually stepped in. How can domestic small and medium-sized food enterprises share the same room with these well-known enterprises? Terminals should be the most realistic means to make full use of their strengths and avoid weaknesses

"xingruo" was recently entrusted by a customer in the north to carry out product image positioning for its tea drinks. This enterprise is a powerful chain supermarket group. The so-called development of tea drinks is just OEM. But if the bank thinks it can absolutely do it. At least in the regional market, even if it is a new product, its competitiveness is still not low. The reason is very simple: channel advantage

as the largest local supermarket chain group, it is natural that its own products take full advantage of the terminal advantages. At this time, if we make good use of the existing advantages to rectify this kind of phenomenon in the PIS system, it is due to the poor performance of individual IC or components, the unified style and service for promotion, and the formulation of timely promotional activities, The product will be Boyun new material (002297) which has formed a stable production, learning and research platform relying on the study of Nanjing University and will go out of the introduction period relatively quickly. Therefore, xingruo has made a more detailed study on the overall image positioning of the product, and then began to refine it to each link:

1. unify the style of bottle stickers and transportation containers to suit the storage yard and placement effect

2. based on the full analysis of more than a dozen existing tea drinks in the market, strive to seek differences and develop new design ideas to distinguish them from well-known brands with completely different styles

3. extend the image system and enrich the terminal props to change the current situation that ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises are not good at making full use of terminal publicity tools

4. formulate the promotion strategy in advance and carry out the listing steadily as planned

5. logistics measures are in place to strengthen tally management

6. use their own advantages to occupy the best display point

7. the number of chain stores is limited. Expand the number of retail outlets and strengthen the construction of the sales team


through such a series of measures, there is no doubt that the success rate of products entering the market has been greatly enhanced. Due to the overall consideration at the beginning of development, there is enough room for the future extension of the product. Through product serialization, the terminal image is strengthened again

of course, the PIS integration construction also involves many positioning strategies, which will not be described here


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