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Non metallic parts "Run-up" auto high-speed rail

from November 2 to 4, the 2012 auto and high-speed rail non-metallic parts industry development forum, hosted by China Chemical Information Center and hosted by Nanjing 7425 rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd., was held in Nanjing. It was learned at the meeting that China's automobile industry is on the fast track, and the high-speed railway also needs non-metallic parts, so the non-metallic parts industry has a broad platform. However, due to the product structure, automobile price, consumption policy and the disconnection between industry, University and research, the huge potential demand has not been fully transformed into real purchasing power

Zhuhequan, an expert of the Academy of Railway Sciences, said that non-metallic materials are widely used in railways, such as rubber, coatings, adhesives and FRP, which are ideal choices to replace traditional epoxy and PP resins. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China has arranged a total investment of 2.3 trillion yuan in railway infrastructure, which has brought historic opportunities to the parts industry. However, the threshold for non-metallic materials and parts required by the railway is high. For example, most of the materials and parts required for Harbin Dalian railway to adapt to the cold environment depend on imports

Chang min, President of Shenyang Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute of China Rubber Group, analyzed the lightweight and intelligent trend of hoses required by automobiles and high-speed railways. He pointed out that because the use environment is more demanding, this kind of service innovation hose puts forward higher requirements for compounding, and resin matrix composites have wider utilization space in the nacelle of aircraft engines. Enterprises should grasp the important development direction of material composites

Ju Jianhong, deputy general manager of China National Chemical Rubber Corporation and chairman and general manager of Nanjing 7425 rubber and plastic company, said that China's automobile and high-speed railway supporting non-metallic parts industry urgently needs to establish its own brand, explore the enterprise oriented innovation mode and the industry university research joint mode, form a joint force upstream and downstream, and develop clusters

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