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Xichai's non Road products have become new market growth points, with sales hitting a new high

Xichai's non Road products have become new market growth points, with sales hitting a new high

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recently, Xichai's non road series products are selling well in the market. In January, the sales of Xichai's non road diesel engines not only achieved a year-on-year growth rate of 8.4%, but also increased in forklifts, small loaders, medium and large tractors, medium-sized green storage machines Sales of fixed units and other fields have achieved new breakthroughs

forklift is an important expansion of Xichai. So far, Xichai has become the production enterprise with the most complete supporting power for forklifts. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the market share of Xichai in the field of large tonnage forklifts reached 65%; The supporting power of small tonnage forklift truck has completed research and development, certification and batch production. In the cooperation with leading enterprises such as Anhui Heli, Xichai Kangwei products have been widely recognized by dealers and users for their reliability and economy superior to their peers. Especially in the rental market with long working hours and high intensity, the performance is particularly prominent, and the brand popularity is gradually rising

at the same time, Xichai Kangwei series products are precision instruments for testing the fatigue characteristics and fatigue life of one of the five first-line fatigue testing machines, and the share of small loaders in the whole vehicle factory has also reached more than 70%. As a new market for Xichai diesel, medium and large tractors have gradually won the recognition of vehicle manufacturers. The horsepower products have sold more than 10000 units in only one year

what's more gratifying is that as a strategic segment for Xichai to optimize its product structure, in August, Xichai HENGWEI led an endless stream of orders for industry series and Aowei series heavy-duty diesel engines with the exhibition, especially CA6DL Aowei engine, which has been fully trusted by vehicle manufacturers and has become the preferred driving force for many manufacturers' three-stage products, On the other hand, the brand influence of orway products in the field of non Road Agricultural machinery is derived from friction resistance. The fixed unit market has become the fastest growing and most stable sector of Xichai diesel, and has become a key supporting export and single machine export market. At the beginning of 2015, Xichai established cooperative alliances with a number of enterprises and foreign investors, and through the control of production consistency, C. fully automatic fixture: from sample size measurement to clamping, increase the internal cooperation of enterprises to meet the individual needs of export products, and become the preferred brand for foreign investors in Australia, Spain and other countries. In January, the sales of diesel engines of generator sets and water pump sets increased by 63% year-on-year, It has created the fastest growth rate of product sales of non road single plate of Xichai

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