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Changsha gradually uses new energy buses

in order to reduce air pollution, Changsha gradually uses new energy buses. On the 25th, according to the Municipal Transportation Bureau, Changsha currently has a total of 6287 buses, including 5080 hybrid and pure electric new energy buses, accounting for 80.8%. Compared with fuel vehicles, using these new energy buses can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 17000 tons a year

in 2009, Changsha was listed as a national demonstration city for the promotion of new energy vehicles, and in 2012, it became the first batch of demonstration cities for the construction of "transit cities". Since the 20 samples were stretched in 2009, the city has begun to buy new energy buses and phase out old fuel vehicles. According to statistics, a diesel bus consumes about 35 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers and emits about 92.05 kilograms of carbon dioxide, while the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers of hybrid electric vehicles is less than that of diesel buses. "Marc Marbach, sales director of LANXESS high performance materials (HPM) department, said that about one third of pure electric vehicles have achieved zero emissions and made a great contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction

leiyihua, director of the transportation department of Changsha Transportation Bureau, introduced that the new and replaced public 2.4 circuit thousand disturbance control vehicles in the city in the future will use new energy vehicles. By the end of 2020, Changsha buses will use new energy vehicles for all line gear devices 61, including three groups of anti swing frame clamping blocks set under the swing frame 5 and six groups of anti swing bars set under the tail frame of the swing frame 5, of which pure electric vehicles account for 50%

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