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Non grain fuel ethanol will be supported by preferential policies

it was learned from the 2014 China International Biomass Energy Conference held on September 17 that the fuel ethanol industry support policy led by the national energy administration will be issued, focusing on supporting non grain fuel ethanol such as cellulose, giving reasonable subsidies and tax incentives, and promoting industrialization. As the most promising new biomass energy, industry insiders said that with the introduction of policies and the acceleration of enterprise investment and construction, this year may start the "first year" of cellulosic ethanol

people familiar with the matter said, "the policy will be introduced as soon as September and October. The subsidy will be adjusted according to the total plate of renewable energy fund, and measures such as supporting tax incentives and one-time investment relief will be taken. The general direction is to eliminate the grain fuel ethanol subsidy competing with people for food, and the cellulose ethanol subsidy that is mainly encouraged may reach 1200 yuan/ton."

cellulosic ethanol, as a kind of second-generation fuel ethanol, is a relatively emerging industry in biomass energy. In July last year, Ineos bio (ineosb concrete and prestressed stress amplitude is small IO) used gasification and fermentation technology to produce cellulosic ethanol in a factory in the United States, which is the first commercial production of cellulosic ethanol. The project has an annual output of 24000 tons of cellulose ethanol and 6MW renewable energy power

"however, cellulosic ethanol has only fiveorsix demonstration projects in China, and government subsidies, taxes and other policies are about to be introduced, but the support is not as strong as the United States, and there is no business model sold by rins like the United States, so the industry development environment is generally not as good as the United States." Said Kang Liping, an official of the clean transportation project of the energy and transportation innovation center

yuanzhenhong, director of Biomass Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Society, also believes that the subsidy policy is insufficient in strength and breadth across the industry, and the stability of raw material supply cannot be guaranteed; The means of preferential tax policies are not rich enough; Poor financing channels; The lack of technical standards and industrial standard system and other issues need to be solved by the government

however, changes are already taking place. More than a month ago, Longli bio announced that it had received a national biofuel ethanol financial subsidy of 38.06 million yuan, with a standard of 800 yuan/ton, becoming the first enterprise to receive national financial support for second-generation fuel ethanol. It is reported that five or six enterprises, including Longli biology, Tianguan and COFCO, have launched second-generation fuel ethanol projects

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