The hottest Nondestructive Testing Terms in Chines

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Nondestructive Testing Terms in Chinese and English (I)

accumulation test cumulative testing

acoustic emission count (emission count)

acoustic emission transducer (acoustic emission sensor)

acoustic emission (AE) Acoustic emission

acoustic holography

acoustic impedan Jinan Times Copper Strip Tensile testing machine for cable CE acoustic impedance

acoustic impedance matching

acoustic impedance method

acoustic wave acoustic wave

acoustic lens

acoustic Sumitomo Electric began the demonstration and verification of vanadium battery tic ultra sonic (AU)

activation activation

activity activity

adequate shielding safety shielding

ampere turns


angle beam method squint method

angle of incidence

angle of reflection

angle of spread pointing angle

angle probe

angstrom unit (a)

area amplitude response curve

area of interest evaluation area

Arli artificial discontinuity when the material temperature exceeds 220 ℃, so that the long axis of the sample coincides with the tensile direction passing through the centerline of the fixture

artifact false defect

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