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Non toxic and environment-friendly plastic steel profiles come out

Qingdao Dongfang Chemical Group plastic steel profiles factory adopts the high-tech product dust-free composite stabilizer jointly developed with scientific research units, and the latest non-toxic product produced will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry. Environmental friendly plastic steel profiles have passed the identification of relevant departments and have been fully put on the market

experts believe that AC foaming agent 0.3~0.5 adopts dust-free composite stabilizer as the formula to produce this kind of plastic steel with external dimensions: (L × W × H)445 × four hundred and twenty-five × 525mm profile can not only eliminate the damage to human health and environmental pollution caused by lead in traditional aluminum salt compounding granulator, but also stabilize the performance of plastic steel profile, reduce the aluminum content in the product and improve the product quality. It is understood that the service life of this product is twice longer than that of plastic steel profiles produced with traditional formula, and it has broad application prospects

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