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"China's good driver" Changsha station Shandong temporary worker raises positive energy again

"China's good driver" Changsha station Shandong temporary worker raises positive energy again

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Guide: from April 18 to 20, China's good driver of Shandong temporary worker large-scale public welfare activities first stood in Changsha in 2014. More than 300 construction machinery operators from Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces gathered in the central international machinery logistics park and passed strict training and assessment, Get the official national vocational qualification certificate. Drivers learn

from April 18 to 20, Shandong Lingong large-scale public welfare activity "China's good driver" opened in Changsha for the first time in 2014. More than 300 construction machinery operators from Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces gathered in the central international machinery logistics park, passed strict training and examination, and obtained the official national vocational qualification certificate. While discussing their operation skills, the driver trainees exchanged public welfare experience, and jointly recommended good drivers and deeds around them, pushing the positive energy of the industry to a climax again. The holding of Changsha railway station also means that the 2014 "China's good driver" activity is fully launched. Next, it will be carried out in 10 key cities such as Zunyi, Xi'an and Taiyuan. 2. The universal joint will adopt a 10 character bolt structure

more than 300 students from Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces participated in the "China's good driver" activity

"China's good driver" is a large-scale public welfare activity launched by Shandong temporary workers and the national moral model Guo Mingyi. It is committed to improving the overall quality of practitioners in the construction machinery industry, exploring the excellent qualities of integrity, dedication and so on from grassroots workers, and injecting positive energy into the society. The first "China's good driver" activity in 2013 lasted six months, running through 14 cities in the north and south of the river, causing a sensation inside and outside the industry, and launched the theme of "everyone strives to be a good driver and drives the Chinese dream with one heart"

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in the 2013 event, Changsha station won the "excellent organization award" for its outstanding quality and excellent performance, and many outstanding cases emerged, such as Tang Xingyun, the "head coach" with a lot of peaches and plums all over the world, and Yi long, a female driver who is not inferior to men. Among them, Tang Xingyun was successfully selected as the "top ten good drivers of the year", becoming an example for the majority of construction machinery operators. In view of this, the first stop of "China's good driver" in 2014 is located in Changsha. Tang Xingyun also came to the scene to talk about the great impact of "China's good driver" on his life. First, unplug the power lead of the host of the lost experimental machine and his career

the comprehensive upgrading of "China's good driver" in 2014 will benefit more workers and further tilt towards public welfare and positive energy. The activity of Changsha station gathered more than 300 engineering machinery operators from Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces. The whole activity lasted for 3 days, including theoretical training, written examination, practical examination, deeds selection and other links. It is worth mentioning that the organizers collected many excellent deeds in advance, and paid equal attention to morality and art when selecting candidates for promotion, so as to ensure that those 'good drivers' with excellent morality, outstanding deeds and recognized by surrounding people can stand out and have the opportunity to enter the selection of the "top ten good drivers". According to the organizer, 20 students who are both virtuous and artistic passed the double examination of skills and morality and were promoted to the advanced training camp in the Changsha station

the participants' visit to the temporary excavator

Changsha station coincided with the popularity of CCTV's "good driver in China" series of public service advertisements. This is a new public service initiative jointly launched by CCTV and Shandong Lingong, inspired by "good drivers in China", including a series of public service advertisements such as racing drivers, experts and engineering cars. Call on the public to improve safety awareness and launch an upsurge of civilized driving and striving to be a "good driver". Xiao Li, a loader driver from Yueyang, said that he had just seen "China's good driver" on TV. Now he came to the event site in person and felt a heavy feeling. Obtaining a professional qualification certificate is only the beginning. What is more important is to improve safety awareness, develop the habit of standardized operation, and drive the people around him to drive in a civilized way. Only in this way can he deserve the title of "China's good driver"

Changsha, known as the "capital of construction machinery" in China, is a strategic place for major manufacturers. The activities here will have an important impact on the surrounding markets and even the entire industry. Over the years, Shandong Lingong has been gradually eliminated by manual, borrowed the core concept of "reliability", and won the recognition and trust of customers through continuous product innovation and considerate service. Yaojinjun, general manager of Shandong Lingong marketing company, said: "since entering the Hunan market in 2008, the market share of the company's loaders has been in the top three."

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