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unoriented polypropylene packaging film

patent name unoriented polypropylene packaging film patent applicant price and the volume of the seal is changing, but the address of the main applicant of ente Co., Ltd. inventor n · f · Ford, Illinois, USA; S · L · popular science application (patent) No 7 application date 2003.04.17 certification date approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.08.17 instruction CD No. d0533 main classification No. b32b27/32 classification No. b32b27/32 division original application No. priority item 2002.4.17 us 10/12 can improve the service life of tensile testing machine 6051 abstract an unoriented film containing high crystalline polypropylene, standard polypropylene and nucleating agent. The film has the physical properties required for applications such as food packaging and cotton bolt outer packaging, including good tear ability, rigidity and memory. In addition, the non oriented solution: the cost of the film is reasonable, because the film can obtain these physical properties without stretching or orientation steps, while the conventional polypropylene film used for food packaging and cotton bolt outer packaging needs stretching or orientation. Sovereignty item 1 An unoriented film, comprising: highly crystalline polypropylene with a melt flow rate greater than 30g/10min, nucleating agent, polypropylene. International application pct/us2003/011931 2003.4.17 international publication wo2003/089243 UK 2003.10.30 date of entry into the country patent agency Shanghai Patent and Trademark Office Co., Ltd. institutional address agent Zhou Chengze

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