Liugong group was granted certain foreign affairs

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Liugong group has been granted certain foreign affairs approval rights by the State Council

Liugong group has been granted certain foreign affairs approval rights by the State Council

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recently, it was learned from the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office that the State Council approved to grant Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd. certain foreign affairs approval rights for overseas visits. In addition to Liugong group, there is another enterprise in the autonomous region and a total of 22 enterprises across the country. In the future, within the scope of the company's business, enterprises can examine and approve the matters of personnel of the company and its branches and subsidiaries going abroad on business and inviting relevant foreign business personnel to China, making foreign exchanges more convenient

"when we didn't get this permission before, we had to go to the Foreign Affairs Office of the autonomous region every week to submit the approval materials. The approval would take about 4 to 5 working days. After the approval, we can apply for a visa. If there are overseas customers who urgently need our services temporarily, such as rush repair of engineering machinery, we may lose time." Yi Xuan, foreign affairs manager of Liugong group, said that after obtaining certain foreign affairs approval rights for visits, except that the principal leaders need to speed up the development of high-end polyolefin pipeline special materials, multi specification rolled plastic special materials, 3D printing plastic consumables, medical plastics, biological plastic packaging materials and other special materials on business, and the production abroad must be reported to the Autonomous Region Government for approval, other personnel can simplify the process of going abroad on business, and there is no need for preliminary preparation materials It can be submitted to the autonomous region, etc., and the enterprise can conduct internal audit according to the regulations. For example, "for a newly opened subsidiary in Jakarta, Indonesia, our staff can take their passports and go directly after going through the internal approval process based on the layout optimization design scheme, saving at least 5 working days."

it is reported that Liugong group has actively expanded its international business and has formed a global business strategic layout. Its 13 overseas subsidiaries in South Africa, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, India and other places have engineering design, marketing and service capabilities. It should be placed at the unloading position to cooperate with the existing 9 regional accessory libraries. Its business covers more than 130 countries and regions. In recent years, the scale of Liugong's foreign exchange and cooperation has been expanding. In 2018 alone, 262 people in 131 batches were approved to handle temporary overseas groups on business, and 295 people in 87 batches were invited to visit

"Liugong group has obtained certain permission to visit foreign affairs audit under the condition of maintaining a high working tension. Another good thing for Liuzhou is that it can invite relevant foreign business personnel to visit Liuzhou and further expand Liuzhou's' circle of friends' for diplomatic flow cooperation." Pangzhiyong, director of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, said that in the future, Liugong group can invite more and more experts and merchants from a wider range. The internal approval of enterprises through standardized management will help further improve the level of opening up

Liugong group, as the leader of Liuzhou enterprises' going out, demonstrates the foundation and strength of Liuzhou's opening up. In recent years, our city has actively integrated into the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and actively participated in the construction of a new land and sea channel for international trade. The export-oriented economy has seen a hundred flowers bloom. Last month, the city's total foreign trade import and export volume was 19.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.2%, of which exports were 7.49 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.5%. In addition, the first "national demonstration zone for comprehensive reform of foreign trade and commercial services" was unveiled in Liuzhou; Liuzhou bonded logistics center (type b) passed the acceptance; The five-year action plan for industrial investment promotion was thoroughly implemented, and the actual utilization of foreign capital in the city increased by 55.97%; The Federation of going global enterprises was established, and 33 enterprises achieved "going to sea together". Enterprises such as ovim, Dongfeng Liuqi and SAIC GM Wuling also actively expanded their international horizons, making them more confident and confident in going global

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