Liugong joins hands with UOB to provide constructi

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Liugong joined hands with UOB to provide construction machinery financial services to Southeast Asian customers

on July 12, 2018, the signing ceremony of the memorandum of strategic cooperation between Guangxi Machinery Co., Ltd. and UOB was held in Liugong Singapore company. Liugong will join hands with UOB to provide financial services to Southeast Asian customers. Mr. Chen Hao, President of Asia Pacific Company of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhou Jingwei, managing director and head of industrial strategic planning department of UOB Bank Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony and jointly signed the memorandum

Liugong joined hands with UOB to provide construction machinery financial services to customers in Southeast Asia.

"Liugong proposed the internationalization strategy prospectively as early as 2002. In 2011, Liugong set up a subsidiary in Singapore in the Asia Pacific region. Since Liugong machinery and equipment were exported to the Southeast Asian market, we have been highly recognized by the market with the concept of providing high-quality products and after-sales service." During the signing of the memorandum, Mr. Chen Hao shared the development of Liugong in the region, "our persistence and investment have begun to pay off, and the market has also shown signs of reuse this year. In the first quarter of this year, Liugong's sales in the Southeast Asian market increased by more than 50%."

according to Mr. Chen Hao, the signing of the historic memorandum of understanding marks the establishment of a strategic partnership between Liugong and UOB to jointly provide financing solutions for Liugong's dealers and customers, bringing them many benefits. According to the strategic cooperation plan of both parties, Liugong dealers and customers can easily obtain financing solutions tailored for them, and can also enjoy low interest rate loans with risks shared by Liugong and UOB. Indonesia and Thailand will be the first two countries to launch the cooperation plan to make the moisture of cartons reach dynamic equilibrium. The innovative cooperation mode between Liugong and UOB will enable Liugong's major customers to enjoy better investment feedback and services when purchasing in batches, and customers of small and medium-sized companies will be able to purchase the most advanced machinery and equipment at the minimum financial cost

Liugong is our first choice and the first Chinese enterprise we actively contact Mr. Zhou Jingwei said at the ceremony, "we know that Liugong is achieving their ambitious overseas goals, and UOB will promote the achievement of this goal." He added

Yan Jian, vice president of Liugong and general manager of overseas marketing department, project manager of international performance Department of luoguobing company, told reporters that Mr. Liu also congratulated the successful signing of the memorandum of cooperation, And said: "Liugong has ambitious plans for overseas markets. The core of Liugong's strategy is to develop our dealers and provide them with leading competitive advantages and strategies to continuously optimize their operations and financial performance. UOB is a leading international bank in Asia and has the largest branch network in ASEAN. Their cooperation initiatives are highly consistent with Liugong's development strategy, which is widely distributed in the service network and cooperation in the whole Southeast Asia Being a customer is in line with our current development plan in the Southeast Asian market. "

Liugong has ambitious plans for overseas markets

Liugong is one of the world's largest heavy machinery manufacturers, with a full range of engineering construction and mining machinery products. The complete comprehensive service content and various points of UOB have a strong attraction to heavy machinery dealers and end users. Its financing solution specially designed for the supply of mechanical equipment and parts will effectively promote the expansion of products and market share of Liugong located in Qinghe Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province. (this article is from Liugong)

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