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Liugong "national earthwork Machinery Engineering Research Center" completed the evaluation

Liugong "national earthwork Machinery Engineering Research Center" completed the evaluation

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recently, the on-site acceptance evaluation meeting of "national earthwork Machinery Engineering Technology Research center" was held in Liugong branch company. The on-site acceptance evaluation team is composed of 5 experts from China Industrial Machinery Industry Association and other units. Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong Co., Ltd., and Yu chuanfen, President, attended the meeting. Heads of Guangxi science and technology department and Liuzhou science and technology bureau attended the meeting. At the meeting, the person in charge of the center reported to the expert group the completion of the construction tasks, as well as the work of the center in technology research and development, engineering development, talent team construction, infrastructure construction, opening-up services, management mechanism innovation and other aspects, and introduced the development plan of the Center for the next three years

the expert group inspected the new transmission laboratory, electric control laboratory, energy-saving and environmental friendly loader industrialization base and other sites in the center; Inquired about the overall technical level, financial management, operation mechanism and other issues of the center, and put forward suggestions for the next construction work. The expert group spoke highly of the achievements made in the construction of the center. The successful holding of this on-site acceptance and evaluation meeting laid a good foundation for the center to participate in the next stage of the comprehensive evaluation of the National Engineering Center in Beijing

in 2011, with the approval of the Ministry of science and technology, the "national earthwork Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center" was officially established by relying on Liugong Co., Ltd. It is the first national engineering technology research center in Guangxi to be established by relying on enterprises, with major key, basic and common technologies such as earthwork machinery reliability, energy conservation, safety and environmental protection and key parts as its main research direction

since its establishment, the center has focused on technical research, research and development of earth moving machinery products, achievement transformation and technical services. 372 technical research projects have been carried out, including 6 national science and technology projects, 22 provincial and municipal science and technology projects, and 15 horizontal social commissioned research projects. Develop 18 new products; Won 14 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards; 473 patents have been applied for (293 have been authorized), including 213 invention patents (24 have been authorized); 7 computer software copyrights; Presided over or participated in the formulation of 20 national and industrial standards and 404 enterprise standards in the resonant fatigue testing machine. Hosted or participated in 44 important international and domestic technical exchanges and lectures such as the "academician of engineering machinery technology innovation (Guangxi) trip". It has established scientific and technological cooperation relations with 82 domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions, such as Huazhong University of science and technology, the Chinese people's Liberation Army and Cummins Corporation. The benefits of technology transfer and industrialization of achievements are remarkable, and the cumulative sales revenue is 24 billion yuan. The center has set up a comprehensive engineering technology research platform for the earth moving machinery industry, which integrates R & D, testing, information management and training, and has the ability of independent cleaning and innovation. 2. Cleaning and cleaning: the ability to transform large technological achievements. In order to improve the ability of independent innovation in the field of earth moving machinery in China, promote the technological progress of the industry, and produce the country's first 5000 ton annual polylactic acid demonstration production line, it has successfully achieved industrial upgrading in Haizheng, It has played a positive role

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