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The construction of China Laos railway is busy, and Liugong products sell well.

in the first quarter, Liugong's overseas market reported good news frequently. In mid March, the sample size was small to diameter at Liugong Lao dealers and Liugong Asia Pacific Company φ With the joint efforts of 0.006mm gold wire, the company successfully won the order for earthwork construction equipment in a bid section of China Laos railway, including more than 30 equipment in six product categories: loaders, excavators, rollers, cranes, and concrete equipment, of which the first 22 equipment have been delivered and participated in the construction of China Laos railway project

the first batch of 22 equipment has been delivered and participated in the construction of the China Laos railway project. The first military reform of the Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the China Laos railway was included in the "decision" year, and the construction of the whole line was started. The main line is 508.53 kilometers long and the construction period is 5 years. After completion, it will be the longest and fastest high-speed railway in Laos. Liugong began to follow up the China Laos railway project in 2015, and cooperated with Laos Weikai import and export trade Co., Ltd. to deal with various difficulties and challenges flexibly: Liugong's technical team had an in-depth understanding of customers' working conditions and usage habits, and provided customers with various solutions targeted; The post market security team customized accessories and security solutions for customers, and innovatively solved customers' worries. Through the joint efforts of internal and external teams, we can successfully win the order. As long as we do it well, it can become a good product list

Laos is located in the hinterland of Southeast Asia, with most mountains. China Laos railway crosses complex geographical and climatic environment areas, which not only requires engineering machinery and equipment to adapt to the harsh geological and ecological environment, but also must be able to withstand complex construction challenges. 4. Such as forming heat-resistant or flame-retardant materials. The equipment invested in the construction of China Laos railway this time are the most mature and reliable products of Liugong. Among them, Liugong zl50cn side dump loader is famous for its heavy load, high reliability and high efficiency. Its domestic market share is more than 70%, and it is the first choice for tunnel construction. Clg922e excavator is a new generation excavator of Liugong. Its hydraulic and other main systems have been upgraded, and its reliability has been greatly improved, which fully adapts to the harsh construction environment of China Laos railway project

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