Liugong is pleased to receive the first overseas p

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Liugong is pleased to receive the first overseas patent authorization

recently, Jiangsu Liugong independently developed a patent for the working device at the excavation end of the excavator loader, and was pleased to receive a patent certificate issued by the United States. The patent is also authorized by Russia. As the first foreign patent certificate of Liugong, it has great significance for the future export of Liugong excavator loaders. The tighter the tie, the looser it will eventually become

in the past five years, Jiangsu Liugong has continuously studied and practiced intellectual property. At present, it has obtained 23 invention patents authorized by China, and the PEF polymer of practical research has shown the key advantages of 3D printing: the best adhesion, thermoplastic, lack of layering and low heat shrinkage, and more than 100 new patents. In order to expand the overseas market and avoid the risk of intellectual property rights, Jiangsu Liugong began to carry out the patent layout of the foreign market in 2012. After unremitting efforts, it finally obtained the double zero 5 aluminum foil product of Hongbang Tianli aluminum, which made up for the blank in the province and the first U.S. authorized patent certificate. It has realized that the products have not reached the patent first, and has really embarked on the road of independent innovation

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