Liugong machinery fought in Israel

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As a small country with a land area of only 26000 square kilometers in the Middle East, Israel has higher regulatory standards in the construction machinery industry than the European Union. It once gave customers more professional technical support. Carter, Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai, JCB, case and other major international construction machinery manufacturers repeatedly competed for the market, For example, the fierce market competition of shoes that automatically remove odor can be seen, which makes many enterprises flinch

Liugong 930e excavator participated in the construction of Ashdod port, the largest port in Israel. It is in such a market that Liugong decided to accept the challenge and began to expand its territory. Since it officially entered the Israeli market in 2011, with the application of advanced technology and continuous investment in product research and development and market development, Liugong machinery has begun to emerge in major construction sites in Israel, and has gradually become a business card of Chinese manufacturing enterprises in Israel

at present, Liugong's latest generation of E-series excavators, H-series loaders and B-series skid steer loaders that meet the Euro 4 emission standards have been fully listed in the Israeli market, competing with international first-line brands. Not only did six Liugong machines participate in the construction of Israel's largest port, but also Liugong fully participated in road construction, waste recycling and other fields

Liugong 856iii participated in the recycling of construction waste in Jerusalem area

on the road to Jerusalem, Liugong 936E was being broken. As the first user of Liugong's latest generation 936E excavator, the owner carried out 336 working hours of breaking hammer operation in just 35 days. "Liugong machinery is efficient and fuel-efficient!" This is the owner's first evaluation of Liugong 936E excavator. At the same time, the owner also said, "it has been used for 336 working hours, with a total of 6980 liters of fuel injected, and the average fuel consumption is less than 21 liters/hour, which is a remarkable fuel consumption performance in the case of crushing hammer operation, which is obviously superior to other brands."

Liugong equipment in Jerusalem road expansion construction

in such a high-end market competition, excellent service guarantee is the key to success or failure. Liugong service engineers stationed in Israel, provided regular training and technical support to the dealer's service team, and put forward strict requirements for the construction of the dealer's service team. Through the 1+1 training mode, each service personnel can independently diagnose and repair faults, and work with the dealer service team to escort the efficient operation of Liugong machinery

Liugong service engineer works with the dealer service team

customers are the driving force for the enterprise to move forward. In the follow-up market development, we will take customer value-added as the goal, further combine the local operating habits and application conditions in Israel, increase the adaptability improvement of Liugong machinery, and provide customers with safe, comfortable, and efficient products. At the same time, we will continue to improve the level of post market security, relieve customers' worries, and achieve a higher level of made in China

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