Tips for saving printing costs most effectively

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Tips for effectively saving printing costs

if you have just undertaken printing procurement for the company, you may feel a little confused. Please don't worry, no one will blame you. You are already thinking, and you are thinking: where should I go? Who is more worthy of my trust? How can I know the printing cost

relax, everyone has their first time. Next, we summarize some cost saving tricks for newcomers to the printing field because it adopts electrohydraulic servo control technology. Especially in the case of economic crisis, these tips become more important

today, let's talk about paper first. Do you know that paper accounts for one-third or even half of the cost of a printed work? It is very important for you to choose paper reasonably and understand the significance of paper size to live parts. In addition, you can also be equipped with an ordinary computer. Now let's start to learn

1. Stick to using paper that is an integral multiple of/2x11 inches. This is a standard size. If you deviate from this size, you need to pay more for the live parts

2. Use the paper originally available in the printing factory. Printing houses usually store several kinds of commonly used paper in their own factories, and choosing their existing paper will save you a lot of time and cost

3. Reduce the gram weight of the paper. The heavier the paper, the higher the price

4. Reduce the cutting size - even if it is reduced by only 1/4 inch, it may have a significant impression on the total cost of some live parts. Replace the sensor. When in doubt, you can consult your printing factory

5. Merge live parts. By planning in advance, you can print multiple live parts on the same paper

6. Only print what you need to reduce waste

7. Select digital printing. Digital printing can accurately print the quantity you want - even if there is only one copy. Most printing plants today have digital printing equipment or have a cooperative relationship with another enterprise that can carry out digital printing

8. Reduce the number of pages

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