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On March 12, PP Market Overview everywhere

the price of PP market in Shanghai is basically stable today. In the early stage, the merchants who closed the market gradually began to ship goods, and the market trading atmosphere became weaker today. The mentality of businessmen is acceptable, and short-term optimism dominates. In terms of market quotation: CNPC wire drawing T30S is about 12100 yuan/ton; SECCO S1003 is 12050 yuan/ton; T300 is short and the quotation is high; The supply of m2600r is less than 12850 yuan/ton, and the quotation of m800e is about 12800 yuan/ton; The quotation of CNPC EPS30R is about 12750 yuan/ton

the price of PP in Qilu Chemical City is temporarily stable. Traders' confidence in PP has rebounded and their mentality has improved. Qilu wire drawing T30S has a market quotation rising at yuan/ton, and the supply is difficult to find. Qilu copolymerization EPS30R manufacturer released the goods, with the latest quotation of 12700 yuan/ton, and the supply volume is acceptable. The quotation of SP179 rose to 12700 yuan/ton, with less goods. At present, the supply of PP is small, the downstream demand has recovered, and traders are optimistic about the recent market

the PP market in Linyi continued to rise today. The market supply is scarce, and the trading atmosphere is general. Traders' reluctance to sell is obvious, and the transaction is average. The market quotation continues to rise: the quotation of Zhongyuan T30S is about 11750 yuan/ton

Shunde PP has a mild market atmosphere. Due to the rapid price rise in the early stage and the slow digestion of high prices, the upward quotation of domestic petrochemicals has limited stimulation to the market, and today's price has basically remained stable. Wire drawing: Maoming n-t30s has no ticket price of 11650 yuan/ton, and Dalian T30S has no ticket price of 11600 yuan/ton

the current price of PP market in Taizhou is basically stable. Traders have a good mentality. Traders actively ship goods, but the high price source is resisted by downstream factories. The latest quotation today: Zhenhai T30S reported 12250 yuan/ton, some at 12300 yuan/ton; CNPC, Hainan, Maoming wire drawing T30S in yuan/ton; Dalian, Daqing, Lanzhou v30s reported 12200 yuan/ton; Jinan and Lanzhou fiber Z30S is 12250 yuan/ton

the quotation in Tianjin PP market is strong today, and the traders' mentality is good. At present, the market shipping intention. People's requirements for plastic products are also higher and higher, and the downstream demand is general. The quotation of Tianjin United T30S is 12100 yuan/ton, and that of Maoming T30S is 12100 yuan/ton in Tianjin market. There are individual transactions at yuan/ton. Traders are highly motivated to find goods

the PP market in Nanjing rose today. The market supply is insufficient, the inquiry atmosphere is active, and the transaction is general. Traders are reluctant to sell, and most of them sell in limited quantities. Market quotation: Yangzi wire drawing F401 is about 12100 yuan/ton, and the copolymer is about to enter the market

the current price of PP market in Shantou is basically stable. There are few sources of goods in the market, and the current price is scarce. The price is higher: Hainan wire drawing T30S is about 11750 yuan/ton; Hainan injection molding v30g is about 11750 yuan/ton; Shell 500N at 11850 yuan/ton; The quotation of Korea 602n is 11920 yuan/ton

the PP market in Quanzhou has a scarce supply of goods today, and the quotation is on the high side. Traders have a good mentality and are generally reluctant to sell. In terms of market quotation: the supply of wire drawing in Fujian is relatively small, and the quotation is high; Hainan wire drawing is basically out of stock, and Hainan injection molding v30g is about 12350 yuan/ton; The quotation of Z30S is 12350 yuan/ton. For example, the market consumption object of PTFE weaving processing is mainly homopolymer products

the price of PP in Xiamen market rose sharply today. The market is extremely short of goods, and merchants' offers are high, and most of them are aimed at factory shipments. In terms of current price: Fujian wire drawing is difficult to find goods, with a high quotation of 12650 yuan/ton, and Hainan wire drawing is about 12500 yuan/ton; Fushun Petrochemical film blowing RF075 is about 12350 yuan/ton; Hoarding performance is widespread, bullish psychology is obvious, high price transactions are poor, and the factory has a small number of goods

the PP market around the Central Plains was consolidated at a high price today. Petrochemical inventory is insufficient, and businesses with goods continue to close their plates, making it difficult for the market to find goods. Traders' mentality is quite good, and their bullish psychology is obvious. The quotation is scarce, and it is estimated that T30S tax included should be reported at more than 12100 yuan/ton

the quotation of PP market in Hangzhou rose slightly. Traders' enthusiasm for shipping is OK. Recently, downstream demand has begun to wake up. The stock of traders' wire drawing warehouse is OK, the market is expected to rise further, and the merchants' mentality is optimistic. Shanghai Petrochemical T300 has few supply sources. M800e is quoted at 12500 yuan/ton, Yangzi K8003 is quoted at 12800 yuan/ton, and m2600r is quoted at 12800 yuan/ton

Yanshan PP market atmosphere was mild. Except for the slightly higher price of wire drawing materials, other quotations remained stable. Most traders are worried that the price rise in the early stage is too fast, and there may be stagflation or even high-level decline in the later stage, and they are not willing to leave a lot of materials. At present, Yanshan Petrochemical S1003 is basically out of stock. The quotation is 12100 yuan/ton, 4220 13000 yuan/ton, k8303 12700 yuan/ton, k7726 12450 yuan/ton, b8101 yuan/ton, and PetroChina T30S 12000 yuan/ton

Guangzhou PP market continued to rise individually. Driven by the rise of petrochemicals and PetroChina, some quotations in Guangzhou PP market continued to be convenient and fast today; Increase, wire drawing: Maoming n-t30s reported 12300 yuan/ton, Lanhua T30S reported 12250 yuan/ton, Dalian T30S reported 12300 yuan/ton

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