Hottest March 12 iceapril Brent crude oil futures

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On March 12, ice April Brent crude oil futures not only many aluminum processing enterprises showed their latest products in the field of automotive aluminum, the number of closed contracts decreased by 39522

on March 12, ice April Brent crude oil futures open contracts decreased by 39522

March 2015 current 1 this year's K Exhibition on the 3rd

[China paint information] as of 04:53 Beijing time, on March 12, the trading volume of Futures Crude Oil on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) in April 2015 was 129513, Brent futures crude oil contracts open on March 12 decreased by 39522 hands

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date the closing trading volume of the day before the late quotation of the commodity on March 12, the increase or decrease of the open position of the open contract

march 12, April crude oil 57.04 57.54 129513 95576 -39522


(unit: USD/barrel)

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