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China Construction machinery brand ranking announced XCMG ranked first

China Construction machinery brand ranking announced XCMG ranked first

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the "China Construction machinery brand survey" initiated by China Construction Machinery Magazine (CCM) for the first time among readers recently announced that "XCMG" ranked first among China's local construction machinery brands, It became the most influential brand in China's construction machinery market in 2004 with a total investment of about 7billion yuan. This is also the first time that China's construction machinery market has carried out brand ranking initiated by the media

the survey on Chinese construction machinery brands lasted four months, mainly in the form of random questionnaires, faxes and interviews, with domestic construction machinery construction units and users as the survey objects, mainly investigating four basic indicators, such as brand awareness, recognition, reputation and loyalty. After an in-depth and professional investigation of various brands and the collation and analysis of the Green Market Research Office, which has greatly improved the temperature uniformity of the experimental box for nearly three months, the media released the results to the outside world

the sponsor believes that the selected brands in this survey are mainly the 21 local construction machinery brands that have grown up in recent years, which basically represent the local construction machinery brands that are currently influential in the Chinese market. The purpose of this survey is to understand the brand status of China's construction machinery industry, provide reference for enterprises to comprehensively and systematically carry out brand building, and maintain the image of local products, including their processing technology brand, among users

XCMG's outstanding performance on the brand list, in addition to XCMG's own scale advantages, is also related to XCMG's early launch and release of the first domestic entity entrepreneurship platform - Jinmin we work brand construction, the implementation of high-quality projects, the launch of publicity and reporting campaigns, and the first promotion of the brand image on television and other media

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