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The list of top 100 Chinese high altitude equipment Lessors in 2018 was released

on November 26, 2018, the "2018 global high altitude equipment summit and top 100 Chinese lessors conference" hosted by the global construction machinery industry conference was held in Shanghai. Leading high-altitude equipment manufacturers from North America, Europe, Japan and China - Guinness, jieerjie, oulisheng, Skyjack, as well as leading local brands in China - Dingli, Lingong, XCMG, Xingbang, metong, etc., as well as hundreds of Lessors in China attended the conference

the conference released the list of top 5 Chinese aerial work equipment manufacturers in 2018, and the list of top 100 Chinese aerial work equipment Lessors in the broad fields of the national economy involved in the operation of 2 "01 recycled plastic granulator

aerial work equipment is an important part of equipment manufacturing industry, especially engineering machinery industry. Name of high-altitude work account: the industrial equipment of COSCO Guoke (Beijing) new materials research institute has been more and more recognized in the fields of construction, municipal administration, electric power, communication and manufacturing because of its high security, high efficiency and other advantages. In recent years, China's aerial work equipment market has grown at an annual rate of more than 40%. Attention should be paid to the plastic packaging market. At present, the number of all kinds of aerial work equipment in China has reached 70000; Hundreds of high-altitude operation equipment leasing enterprises are active in the industry, constantly participating in the development of the construction field

(the above figure shows the top 10 high-altitude equipment Lessors in China)

(the above figure shows the representatives of the top 20 high-altitude equipment Lessors in China)

under the background that high-altitude accidents continue to threaten the safety of construction, municipal and other fields, the high-altitude equipment with greatly improved safety will undoubtedly usher in greater development space

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