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ECFA early harvest list the mainland has opened a variety of chemical products to Taiwan, among which the fifth cross-strait "Chen Jianghui" (Chairman of the mainland Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits ChenYunLin and chairman of the Taiwan Straits Exchange Foundation jiangbingkun) preparatory consultation was held in Taipei Yuanshan Hotel yesterday to determine the ECFA (cross-strait economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) early harvest list (hereinafter referred to as "early harvest list"). The mainland has opened 539 items to Taiwan, This is twice the 267 items that Taiwan has opened to the mainland. The total export value of Taiwan is US $13.83 billion (about S $19.25 billion), 4.8 times that of the mainland, which is US $2.86 billion

Taiwan President Ma Ying Jeou believes that the two sides should complete the ECFA negotiation before the end of June and reach a consensus of mutual benefit. It is worth affirming, but the early receipt of the list is only the first course, and the main course is still to come. He will publish the "post ECFA Taiwan global economic strategy" at an appropriate time

Jiang Bingkun will lead a chartered flight to Chongqing on the 28th of this month. 2 to avoid major accidents, the "Chen Jiang meeting" will be held on the morning of the 9th to officially sign the ECFA agreement and the cooperation agreement on intellectual property protection

after the ECFA is signed, Taiwan's Legislative Yuan will hold an additional interim meeting for deliberation. If it is passed successfully in September, Taiwan's minister of economy shiyanxiang said yesterday that the two sides will reduce taxes simultaneously at that time, and the most likely time point will be new year's day next year

before the conclusion of the ECFA negotiation between the two sessions was officially announced, Premier Wu Dunyi led laixingyuan, shiyanxiang and other cabinet members of the mainland Council to report the ECFA negotiation results to the legislative yuan yesterday afternoon. He felt that although he was not very satisfied, for example, some petrochemical industries were still unable to meet the expectations of the industry in the end, but it is certain that Taiwan has kept all that it should keep. For example, none of the mainland's agricultural products came in, and 17 of Taiwan's vulnerable industries also persuaded the mainland to agree not to fight

some media asked whether the mainland did not "make profits" enough? Wu Dunyi replied that Taiwan should not unilaterally want the mainland to give in. After all, as a country with a population of 1.3 billion, some industries are developing. It is unrealistic and should not require the other side to abandon their defense completely and let Taiwan enter a desolate territory. Only on the premise of win-win and mutual benefit can the relationship last

zhenglizhong, vice president of the ARATS who came to Taiwan to negotiate on behalf of the mainland, said at the afternoon meeting that the scale of the cross-strait early collection list was very considerable. The proportion of the trade volume and the number of items of the mainland's tax reduction to Taiwan reached more than 50% and 60%, which "can be said not to exist between any two economies". Gao Konglian, vice chairman of the SEF, also added at a later meeting that the items and amounts of the early receipt list "exceed similar international agreements, and even exceed the agreements between the mainland and ASEAN (ASEAN)."

zhenglizhong pointed out that the products for which the mainland reduced taxes on Taiwan included 10 categories, including agricultural products, chemicals, machinery, auto parts, textiles, electronics, light industry, metallurgy, medical treatment, instruments and meters, basically covering all industries in Taiwan

he explained that if the current tariff of Taiwan's products included in the early collection list is below 5%, it will be reduced to zero in the first year after ECFA takes effect; If the tariff is between 5% and 15%, the tariff will be reduced to 5 in the first year and zero in the second year; If the tariff is above 15%, it will be reduced to 10% in the first year, 5% in the second year and zero in the third year. And 80% of Taiwan's early collection projects will focus on reducing the tariff to zero within two years, accounting for 90% of the total amount

in terms of trade services, zhengzhongli said that the mainland fully considered Taiwan's needs and promised to open up 11 categories of financial services, including accounting and auditing, international services, computer and related services, research and development services, conference services, professional design services, video and audio products supply and marketing services, hospital services, aircraft maintenance and repair services, insurance and related services, banking and other securities, futures and so on

don't you feel aggrieved when the media ask that the mainland "cedes profits" to Taiwan? Zhenglizhong replied, "no, because the two sides of the Strait are one family."

he admitted that when the two economies signed a comprehensive economic agreement, there had never been an agreement with such an uncoordinated proportion. However, the mainland was still willing to sign it because of this consideration: "we are willing to share the benefits brought by the prosperity of the Chinese nation with our Taiwan compatriots."

on the other hand, although Taiwan won several products such as polypropylene (PP) in petrochemical products and tool machines in the final stage, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) still failed to achieve their wishes, causing a rebound in Taiwan's petrochemical industry and tool machines

zhenglizhong said that in the process of this negotiation, the mainland not only did not expand the import of agricultural products into Taiwan, agreed not to export labor from the mainland, maintained the interests of Taiwan's traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises from beginning to end, but also took the initiative to expand the benefits of traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises

he went further and said with emotion that the two sides are at different stages of economic development. In terms of economic aggregate, the mainland is relatively large, but in terms of per capita level, there is still a considerable gap between the two sides in terms of technology R & D capacity and competitiveness. This is an objective fact. Petrochemical and machinery industries are Taiwan's dominant industries, while the mainland is still at the stage of development, with weak competitiveness, "Taiwan should give the weak industries in the mainland a buffer period with empathy to avoid negative impact."

although zhenglizhong constantly explained the mainland's consideration of "transferring profits" to Taiwan, Han Zhiming, director of the International Department of the mainland Banking Regulatory Commission, obviously revealed his dissatisfaction with Taiwan when he asked the media whether the access of Taiwan funded banks was better than the WTO (World Trade Organization) norms: "Taiwan has never considered WTO regulations as a basic element, but the mainland will abide by its commitments to the WTO in any policy, including its policy towards Taiwan."

he also said: "six items were given to the Bank of Taiwan this time (included in the early collection list), and Taiwan only gave one item. The quantity is not equal. He is strict with me."

however, when asked about Taiwan's wish to sign FTA (free trade agreement) with other major partners after signing ECFA with the mainland, zhenglizhong did not give a clear answer yesterday. After the ECFA text was released as soon as possible, the opposition attitude of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan has not changed at all

Chinese Mainland agreed to reduce taxes on Taiwan early. Its product harvest list:

1 Agricultural products (18 items)

include other live fish, other fresh fish, other frozen fish, fresh turtle eggs, fresh orchids, Flammulina velutipes, bananas, oranges, lemons, Hami melons, pitaya and tea

2. Petrochemical products (88 items)

1) basic raw materials: aviation kerosene, lubricating oil, propylene, isopropanol, xylene, vinyl chloride, dioctyl phthalate, etc.

2) special chemicals: interface activator, carbon black, resin, glue and adhesive, etc.

3) plastic raw materials: polypropylene (PP), styrene polymer (PS), acrylic copolymer, polytetramethylene ether glycol, polycarbonate, polyurethane Other olefin polymers, etc.

4) plastic products: plastic sheets, plates, films, polymethylmethacrylate plates, vinyl chloride polymer plates, artificial leather, etc.

3 Mechanical products (107 items)

1) tool machines: numerical control horizontal lathes for metal cutting, other numerical control lathes for metal cutting, numerical control drilling machines for metal cutting, numerical control surface grinding machines, grinding machines, grinding machines, polishing machines, slotting machines, broaching machines, sawing machines or cutting machines, Dragon Gate planing machines, forging or stamping machines and hammers, non numerical control punching, slotting machines, punching and shearing machines and tool machine parts, etc.

2) industrial machinery: paper processing machinery Textile machinery, printing machines, paper machines, rubber and plastic processing machines, filters, heat treatment machinery and elevators

3) other machinery: pumps, fluid transmission machinery, rolling machines, etc.

4) mechanical components: valves, mechanical cutters, mechanical components, compression products, fans and bearings, etc.

4 Textile products (136 items)

1) middle and upper reaches of textile: cotton yarn, cotton cloth, cotton and chemical fiber blended fabric, synthetic fiber woven fabric blended with cotton, recycled fiber cloth, synthetic fiber cloth, man-made fiber yarn, synthetic fiber cotton yarn, recycled fiber cotton yarn, synthetic fiber cotton woven fabric, recycled fiber cotton shrunk fabric and chemical fiber fillers, etc.

2) downstream of textile: special textiles, knitwear, buttons, wiping cloth Other fabrics and non-woven fabrics, etc.

3) textile products: bags, boxes, shirts and pullovers, swimsuits, socks, underwear and towels, etc.

4) footwear: uppers, rubber and plastic outsole and heels, shoe and boot parts, etc.

5 Transportation means (50 items)

1) automobile: automobile parts

2) bicycle: whole bicycle and parts

6 Other products (140 items)

1) steel: hot rolled coil, non alloy steel cold rolled coil, steel wire, stainless steel, etc.

2) cement: cement clinker and white cement, etc.

3) dye pigments: acid, direct, reactive dyes and products, titanium dioxide, etc.

4) sports equipment: other golf equipment, etc.

5) medical equipment: artificial joints Fitness and rehabilitation equipment, etc.

6) instruments: measuring instruments, etc.

7) molds: metal drawing molds, metal molds, injection molds or pressure molds, etc.

8) metal products: aluminum and aluminum products, copper and copper foil products, etc.

9) glass: LCD glass

10) rubber: automobile, self driving and locomotive tires

11) paint and ink: paint, varnish, other lead brush inks, etc.

12) Electronics: objective lens for cameras, projectors, etc Components for other cameras and other optical instruments, microphones and their stands, audio amplifiers, other TV video modules and parts, video cameras, digital camera parts, discharge tubes, other electronic tubes, rare earth permanent magnets, other metal permanent magnets, etc.

13) electric machines: transformer parts, power supply parts, static converters and inductors, lithium-ion batteries, fuses, programmable controllers General signal generator, coaxial electric conductor, toy motor, micromotor, toy motor micromotor parts, copper winding wire, jointless electric conductor, etc.

14 in addition to the special properties of graphene mentioned above), small household appliances: air fan, reserve water heater, vacuum cleaner, food grinder, electric iron, electric cooker, oven, etc.

15) hand tools: pliers, wrench, hammer Screwdriver and other

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