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The competition in the field of packaging machinery is global, but Canadian packaging machinery manufacturers are well-known in the international market for their high-quality equipment with flexibility and reliability

Canada's rich natural resources are the source of its strong packaging machinery industry. Wood, mineral, oil and gas are the raw materials used to produce paper and carton packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging and glass packaging. Canadian manufacturers are able to produce packaging equipment for all these materials. Canadian companies are good at manufacturing equipment for a large number of different assembly line speeds and designing equipment with great flexibility, which is suitable for all kinds of products

cn plastics is a thermoforming machinery manufacturer headquartered in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada. Experienced technicians often arrange customer visits and adopt customer suggestions to design new equipment. In 2002, CN plastics won the most prestigious award in the Canadian plastics industry - "annual leader of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association"

njm/cli in point clarre, Quebec, Canada is recognized as a leader in pharmaceutical enterprises. Njm/cli was established in 1996 by the merger of njm (New Jersey machinery company) and cli (Charles Lapierre company). Njm/cli jointly provide global customers with overall labeling and packaging solutions, enabling them to make full use of the overall advantages of exclusive packaging equipment resources

as a leader in innovation in the packaging industry, La designs boards and cards easily. NGEN packaging machinery company is committed to continuously meeting the needs of customers. The company's carton forming and packaging machinery enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Punch code recently, Langen packaging machinery company introduced a bag packaging machine to produce and fill 300 microwave popcorn bags per minute. This equipment not only has high production efficiency, but also has a variety of functions. It can form sealed food bags on the flat roll assembly line, and package solid food such as popcorn, spaghetti, soup and rice food

in the field of plastic machinery, Canadian plastic machinery has considerable experience in serving the special needs of rigid and rigid markets in different regions of the world. Canadian exporters have established market advantages in customized plastic equipment, providing customers with flexible, innovative and customized solutions. Canadian manufacturers have a wide range of capabilities, including injection molding machines, blow molding machines, thermoforming machine auxiliary equipment and extrusion equipment

corma is the most innovative manufacturer in the field of plastic equipment. It can only be tested after it is designed, manufactured and fixed. It is good at producing plastic threaded pipes and other pipe equipment. Corma's star mold for pipe production is a masterpiece of continuous innovation. The pipe produced by this mold has extremely high strength and significantly improves the impact resistance

mold Tek indusrries is a well-known accessory equipment manufacturer in Concord, Ontario. Recently, the company developed a complete set of recycling system to help a large plastic processing enterprise solve the problem of waste treatment

macro Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. in Mississauga, Ontario enjoys a high reputation in the world for its outstanding contribution to the creation of film blowing technology. Recently, the company has also developed AMT macropack diaphragm technology, leading the production of commercial width nylon PVDC diaphragm in the world

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